Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guide: Home Edition


Hi friends! It’s finally here, our third and final gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. Isn’t it funny that I’m publishing all of these before black Friday (traditionally the beginning of the holiday shopping season)? And even funnier that I’m actually fully done with holiday shopping for all of our loved ones?

It’s just such a weird year, timing doesn’t really matter anyway, huh?

As a reminder, we’ve already covered:

And today I’m sharing our last gift guide, full of home goodies that are so thoughtful and sweet that everyone is sure to love them.

Shopping for someone else’s home can be a bit of a gamble—it’s a lot of decisions that feel so personal! But it can also be a cute way to add a little something to a loved one’s home that makes them feel loved and seen and, after all, this is a home blog, so we’re going with it.

Here are 3 categories of thoughtful home gifts to get your wheels turning on the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year:

Thoughtful Home Gifts

Home items can be a tricky gift, so I'm sharing how to give home gifts in a thoughtful way that doesn't make your loved ones feel like you're trying to redecorate their house. 

Sources: Rabbit Wall Decor | Big Blanket | Bill Cunningham Book | AD at 100 Book | Slim Aarons La Dolce Vita Book | French Cade & Lavender Candle | Today is a Gift Sign | Bath Caddy | Picture Frame | Charging Tray | Heart Hoya Succulent | Hand Soap and Lotion | Diffuser | Booty Vase | Mint Green Step Stool | Rainbow Doormat

1. Something quirky and cute that acknowledges their interests

Please don’t take this as license to get someone a “everything happens for a riesling” dish towel unless you’re ACTUALLY very sure they will like it.

But you know your friends and you know what they love—acknowledge it with a sweet home decor item.

Just keep in mind what they actually love, and what they just sort of like. Sometimes, people end up getting you a lot of stuff because you liked something one time and it spirals (if you watch Gilmore Girls, see: Sookie and frogs).

And sometimes, people (like me) really like something (like dachshunds) so their house is full (of dachshund stuff) and they…don’t really need more.

Also, when you’re doing a gift like this, you have to walk a fine line because, um, things get tacky quickly. So, keep in mind that this should be a legitimately pretty, quality item, okay? Please.

Enough with all the stipulations, let’s just look at some good ideas, huh?

2. A practical, beautiful item they need or an upgrade on a basic

We all need certain things, so why not make them pretty, quality, luxury, or more fun?

  • This step stool is downright chic. Is that even possible? I guess so. Perfect if your friend has a smaller place and needs to take advantage of super high cabinets, but also doesn’t have the closet space for big bulky step stools. (So, basically anyone who lives in a city.)
  • These fancy lotion + hand soap sets scream “be our guest” to me. Upgrade the experience even more with a matching reed diffuser and boom, your bestie has the bougiest bathroom around.
  • Did your dad/boyfriend/grandparent just jump on the wireless charging train? They’ll love this beautiful charging tray, and it will dress up their nightstand.

3. Something that creates a feeling or reminds you of how they make you feel

Sometimes, with home decor, people get hung up on the look. But great design is really grounded in a feeling—and great home gifts are no different.

If your friend has mentioned that they want to make their home feel cozier, or they are dying to create a serene space in their bathroom, you can help them achieve that feeling.

Thoughtful Gift Giving

So, there you have it, our home decor gift ideas for 2020! Let me know in the comments which ones you’d most like to receive. And feel free to send this link to a friend or family member who may need a nudge in the right direction.

Again, for more gift ideas, be sure to check out:

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