The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Plants: Shopping for Hanging Planters and Picking the Best Plants for Hanging


A few weeks ago, I finally found the perfect place for a some hanging plants and got them hung in our guest bathroom. And, um, wow. I already know that plants have a huge impact on a room, but, seriously, it was so much fun to see what a difference hanging those plants made!

If you have an empty corner near a window, may I suggest hanging a plant?? It’s seriously instant style and adds so much life to an otherwise forgotten spot.

From shopping for hanging planters to picking the best plants for hanging, consider this your hanging plant cheat sheet.

That’s why today I’m going to share everything you need to hang a plant in your own home. Yep, that obviously includes plant hangers and hanging planters, but I’m also talking brackets and even which plants are best for hanging.

Consider it your plant hanging cheat sheet, okay? Okay. Let’s do this!

Hanging Plants Are Instant Style

From shopping for hanging planters to picking the best plants for hanging, consider this your hanging plant cheat sheet.

Sources: Simple Macrame Plant Hanger (we have these ones!) | 3-Tiered Hanger with Leather Strap | Beaded Plant Hanger with Tassel | Triple Wall-Mounted Plant Hanger | Wood Bead Plant Hanger | Gold Double Modern Hanger | Black Round Metal Wall-Mount Planters | Black Ring Plant Hanger | White Geometric Hanging Planter | Triangle Wall Planter (we have this one!) | Double Macrame Plant Hanger | White Metal Wall Brackets (we have these!) | Wood Wall Hooks | Ceiling Hooks

Macrame Plant Hangers

For most of us, when we think of hanging plants, we think of macrame. Macrame is such a fun style, adding a bit of softness to the hard edges of your pot or planter, and a little boho style to your room. In our home, we have these super simple macrame hangers, which are a steal and don’t go to hard in the boho direction for my more streamlined taste. If you’d rather lean into that look, though, try this one or this one with wooden beads.

Ring Hanging Planters

Also very fashionable is the ring hanging planter, which gives a distinctly modern and vaguely futuristic (or is that just me?) look to your planter. This black ring planter is very cool, and these ones mount on the wall. For more of an oval shape, this gold double planter also is very cool!

Tiered Hanging Planters

Speaking of double planter, I think tiered/multi-plant hangers are so much fun! They give you a chance to experiment with different plant shapes in the same little space, and add a lot more dimension and interest, of course. The gold one with the oval surround is just very chic, and this white triple planter with leather straps is also very, very good. For a different take on a multi-plant situation, this trio of hanging planters is really great.

Wall Mount Plant Hangers

Most of these options give you the choice of hanging from the ceiling or the wall, but some are especially for walls. Hanging a plant on your wall really turns it into a piece of art, putting it on display—just be sure it’s getting enough light! I love these black metal wall planters, and I’m pretty sure they would also work outside! And we have a few of these triangular wall planters—they can also work as a pencil cup if you’re going for that!

How to Hang Your Plants

I also included a couple of hanging options for your new planter, because it would be such a bummer to get it home and not be able to put it up! Of course, be sure to check photos and the description for the planter you’re buying to see if it comes with a bracket or hook.

If not, the next step is choosing wall or ceiling hanging. Either way, you’re probably going to want to find a stud to attach your hook or bracket—while your plant may be light, it will be heavier when the soil is wet. Plus, it’s always good to plan on someone (or a kiddo) accidentally grabbing hold.

Once you’ve found a stud or inserted a good anchor, just screw in your hook or bracket and you’re ready to hang! These are the wall brackets we’ve used at our house—the white blends into our white walls, and we didn’t have to worry about holes in the ceiling.

A cool hook is obviously another good option, though I’d suggest choosing one like this that gives you a little space from the wall so you get the full effect. And, of course, hanging from the ceiling usually gives the cleanest look—so I included these ceiling brackets for you, too.

Which are the Best Plants for Hanging?

There are tons of plants that are going to look great in a hanging planter, but I thought I’d round up a few of my favorites. When in doubt, look for words like “trailing” or “vining” in the name of the plant or on the label—that’s a great sign that your plant is going to love hanging.

String of Pearls (or Any “String of”)

Along the same lines as “trailing” and “vining,” another word to watch out for is “string of.” The most common is string of pearls, which is an easy-care succulent that I’ve found to be fast growing and low maintenance. Other strings will similarly be named based on their shape, like string of hearts and string of bananas.


The plant in the photo from my bathroom is a Hoya and so far it has made for a fun hanging plant, with dramatic growth reaching in multiple directions. Hoyas come in different varieties: hindu rope is on my shopping list and krimson queen has pretty shades.


If you think of ivy filling in over a wall or trellis, it makes sense why its growth pattern would be suited to hanging. I don’t have any ivy (at least not yet), but it tends to be marble queen pothos that you see in indoor hanging pots—aka “devil’s ivy” because it’s supposed to be impossible to kill.

Spider Plants

Spider plants have been really popular as of late, and they’re great for hanging because you can really show off their spiky shape and unique growth pattern. A spider plant will grow little baby “spiders” that dangle around like spiders on a web, making for fun and interesting shapes when you hang it up.

Faux Plants for Hanging

Of course, if your lighting situation is not ideal or you’re just not a big plant person, you can always go faux! I do suggest putting a little real dirt on the top of the pot to really go for the real look (if you can see it in the plant hanger, that is). Looking to go faux? I found you a couple good optionshere and here.

Now, Get to Hanging Those Plants!

I hope you had fun on this journey through the wide world of hanging plants, and I hope I covered everything you need to know about plant hangers, how to hang plants in your home, and which plants are best for hanging. If you still have any questions, drop them in the comments!

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