The Best Home Decor in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021


If you follow a lot of bloggers, especially in the style/fashion/beauty world, I know you know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

It’s an annual sale that’s actually a preview of new fall items at great prices—which means it’s pretty popular for bloggers to share their top picks. But while women’s fashion and beauty tend to have the most coverage, that’s not all you can get a deal on during this sale.

In fact, there are a few solid home picks, too. If you need a throw blanket, now is the time to get one!

Since we all know home is where my shopping heart is, I thought I’d share some of my favorite home items that are on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

Ready, set, shop!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Picks

While women's fashion and beauty tend to have the most coverage, that's not all you can get a deal on during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. In fact, there are a few solid home picks, too. If you need a throw blanket, now is the time to get one!

Round Serving Board | Rectangle Serving Board | Cheese Knives | Pom Pom Blanket | Light Blue Blanket | Animal Print Blanket | Grey Ugg Blanket | Plaid Flannel Sheets | Stripe Duvet Cover | Dive Art Print | Pink Lifeguard Stand Print | Overhead Beach Print | Two Candle Set | Blue Pattern Candle

Good Deals on Throw Blankets

The one thing from the home category that all those fashion bloggers usually have on their list is the Barefoot Dreams blanket. Last year during the sale, I bought a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and, honestly, I’m a convert. It’s incredibly soft (and the socks are, too).

Even if Barefoot Dreams blankets aren’t your style, though, there are a TON of good throw blankets in this sale. Personally, I’d love to try the UGG Blanket (more budget-friendly than the BF, and I’m willing to bet it’s also crazy soft). And, every time I share my pom pom blanket, people ask where it’s from—it’s old but there’s a really nice looking one in this sale!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket (Solid Colors) | Barefoot Dreams Blanket (Animal Print) | Barefoot Dreams Blanket (Floral) | UGG Blanket | Pom Pom Blanket

Refresh Your Bedding

If it’s time to refresh your bedding, believe it or not, you might be able to find a good deal during the Nordstrom sale. I totally believe in silk pillowcases (prevents wrinkles and is good for your hair!), and if you’ve been wanting to try for yourself, there’s one on sale. Planning ahead to flannel sheets season? (Me too, always.) There are two good options, plaid and plain. I love this striped duvet cover so much that I wish I had a bed in need of new bedding, but, alas, I don’t. There’s also a pretty patterned quilt that comes in a few colors, and, of course, if you need an accent pillow, why not velvet??

Silk Pillowcase | Flannel Sheets (Plaid) | Flannel Sheets (Solid) | Stripe Duvet Cover | Patterned Quilt | Velvet Accent Pillow

Wall Art

For some reason, even though this is a “fall” sale, a lot of the art that’s a part of it has a really beachy vibe. I don’t have a problem with it—I love beachy art, especially overhead beach shots. I’m sharing my favorites, but be sure to look through the art section of the sale. It’s a great opportunity to get a piece or two, and have a budget-friendly option for wall art—some of them are even framed!

We already know how much I love a nude print, but this yellow one is just plain fun. I love the way this black and white dive takes something we all did in the lake as a kid (“look what I can do!”) and preserves it as a beautiful moment. For more beachy vibes, you can’t beat this pink lifeguard tower print (framed!). And these two overhead prints— the waves and the beach—give Grey Malin vibes on a budget.

Yoga Nude Art Print | Ocean Dive Print | Lifeguard Tower Framed Print | Overhead Waves Framed Art Print | Overhead Beach Framed Art Print

The Best Candles

I love Voluspa candles so much, but they aren’t always easy to find on sale, so it’s exciting to see good deals on a couple of sets. My favorite, Goji Tarocco Orange, is available in this set, and this set is such a great option to try a bunch of different options and find your favorite (or give them as gifts!). Same with this set of Diptyque candles—great for sampling or gifting! I haven’t tried this brand before, but I might have to since the container is so cute!

Two Candle Voluspa Set | Set of Small Tin Candles | Diptyque Travel Candle Set | Blue Patterned Candle

Kitchen Essentials

Finally, we have a few favorites in the kitchen department (yes, Nordstrom has a kitchen department!). I’ve been on the hunt for new steak knives and found this set on sale. Plus, we all know how important a good charcuterie board is for entertaining, which is why I found not one, but two serving boards (round and rectangle) and a set of cheese knives. More of the baking type? I’m obsessed with the sprinkle pattern on this cute set. And, for your storage needs: a pretty gold wine rack.

Steak Knife Set | Round Serving Board | Rectangle Serving Board | Cheese Knives | Baking Set (how cute is that pattern??) | Gold Wine Rack

When to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

One funky thing about the Nordstrom sale is that they let Nordstrom credit cardholders shop first, and they tier that shopping opportunity based on spending in the last year. If you have a Nordstrom credit card, you’ll be able to shop today.

Not a credit card holder at Nordstrom? No problem! Just come back on July 28 (I’ll remind you if you follow me on Instagram) and you’ll be able to shop then.

While you might have to worry about favorites from the fashion and beauty categories selling out, I’m not too worried about the home decor—it’s a little known secret and there are a lot of barefoot dreams blankets included this year!

Have any questions? You can always email me: or DM me on Instagram!

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