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You may remember that a couple of weeks ago we painted my office, which meant that a bunch of stuff in the upstairs areas of our house got moved around to make room for my desk in our bedroom.

As we were moving things around, I brought most of our decorative pillows upstairs so they wouldn’t gather as much demo dust. Long story short, after moving my desk to the bedroom, we ended up placing a decorative wire basket next to it. It was full of blankets and pillows and instantly, I was blown away.

So cozy! So stylish! So comfy and practical when I get cold! I was floored at what a difference this little accent made in making our bedroom (complete with excess desk stuff) feel *styled*.

(Our basket is from At Home, check your local store’s stock here or here’s a similar one if your store is sold out like mine is.)

Plus, it’s just downright practical. When we’re chilled (or, someday, our guests are) it’s easy to grab a blanket from a basket. Need a pillow? Throw a couple in there too. Want to make towels easy to find in the guest bathroom? Need to wrangle toys at the end of the day? A good basket has so many uses. The key is to find one that’s stylish as well as functional.

So, today, I’m rounding up the best blanket baskets I could find—from seagrass to rope to felt and even metal, I’ve got the basket for you.

Let’s go shopping:

Today, I'm rounding up the best blanket baskets I could find—from seagrass to rope to felt and even metal, I've got the basket for you.

Sources: Grey & White Basket with Leather Accents | White Pattern Seagrass Basket | Tan Stripe Basket Pair | Rose Gold Wire Towel Basket | Tall White and Tan Basket | Grey Rope Blanket Basket | Grey Felt Blanket Basket | Braided Stripe Rope Basket | Natural Seagrass Basket

I love this wire basket for spare towels in the bathroom—such a cute idea. And this felt basket has such masculinity for something like a basket (!). Perfect if you want to add a little edge to a pile of cozy blankets.

I love the leather handles on this classic woven option, and the way the handles on this one are built in to the pattern of the basket itself. This one would be so great in a nursery, and of course you can’t go wrong with seagrass!

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