Save vs. Splurge: Lighting Edition


Hey team! As this post about Flush Mounts Under $50 has been one of my most popular ever, today I thought I’d bring you another round of budget-friendly lighting!

But this time, I’m mixing it up a little. I started by finding beautiful, trendy designer lighting and then went to work scouring the internet for solid dupes for $100 or less!

That’s right, it’s time for another round of Save vs. Splurge!

(In fact, I had so much fun with this one that I actually had to make the image larger than usual!)

As usual, keep in mind that sometimes, it’s worth it to splurge—no shame at all! It might just be that you want a certain scale or you’re obsessed with a certain detail, or you just have the cash and are saying “why the heck not?!” to which I reply “go for it!”.

But for those of us with budgets, balancing saves and splurges can help us get our luxe dreamy rooms without breaking the bank.

Enough talk, let’s get to it, huh?

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly flush mount or a show-stopping sconce, I'm rounding up all the trendy lighting you need—both the designer version and the budget-friendly option. That's right—it's save vs. splurge: lighting edition!

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Save vs. Splurge Flush Mounts

Let’s start at the top, huh?

I love this stunning sputnik flush mount from one of my favorite splurge brands, with its bonus embellishments, but this budget-friendly sputnik is a great option if you’re on a budget or just want a little less glam—and you’ll save over $1000!

I’ve been dreaming of this stunning globe flush mount, and it’s available in a ton of fun colors, to boot! But you could also save $600 and opt for a very similar flush mount if you aren’t devoted to that exact shape.

If you’re going for that modern farmhouse look, may I suggest a schoolhouse light? Again, I love this option from a favorite brand, but at $290, it’s not the most budget-friendly. It’s a ceiling light, so it’s far enough from you that any quality difference in this schoolhouse-style dupe won’t even be noticeable (and, who knows, it might still be great quality!).

Save vs. Splurge Sconces

Need to add a little pizazz to a wall? These trendy designer sconces (and their dupes) are perfect in a kitchen, living room, library, or office.

I imagine this pretty swing dome sconce as a friendly helper over a desk or next to a bed—doesn’t is look like he’s leaning down to say “can I shine some light on that for you?” Get a similar look in a smaller space or on a tighter budget with this sconce that will save you $344.

I’ve been pondering a gold library-style sconce for above my sink or even in my laundry room. This splurge version is beautiful hand-rubbed antique brass, but the budget-friendly sconce has a similar modern-traditional vibe, albeit in a less glamorous brushed gold.

Need a little more illumination? I’ve been loving all the dual arm sconces I’ve seen lately. This one has such a stately modern look to it, and I love the mixed metals, but at over $500 it might be a bit much for a sconce. Coming in at only $100, this mid-century modern sconce is a similarly striking choice.

Save vs. Splurge Lamps

There are so many amazing lamps out there, but I rounded up three options to represent trends that I’ve been seeing everywhere, so you can get the designer look for less.

I’ve been craving a little whimsy in my life (perhaps because a lot of my fun decor is still in boxes…) and this pineapple lamp is bringing it along with a whole lot of glamour. If you’re not committed to an all-gold look, this white and gold mix is similarly fun! (Love the whimsy but not the pineapple? Click through to see the other options, which include a deer and a cactus.)

Need a little bonus light in your cozy reading corner? A pharmacy-style floor lamp is such a classic, unobtrusive option. This hand-rubbed brass version has such graceful curves, and this more linear, budget-friendly option has a swinging arm for extra flexibility.

Need a show-stopping accent lamp for a nightstand or console table? Gold domes are very much in-style right now, and this designer version is so sleek and modern (and also comes in red if you’re feeling bold!). For only $70, this designer dupe lamp is still fabulous and has a marble base for a little mix of materials.

Tell me in the comments if you have a favorite and what I should cover next time on Save vs. Splurge!

Not done shopping? Check out Save vs. Splurge: Bathroom Edition and Flush Mounts for $50: Updating the Boob Light for Less for more savings!

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