Save vs. Splurge: Bathroom Edition


As we’ve been going through the process of our bathroom renovation for, oh, about the last 6 months, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping. Looking for mirrors, faucets, hooks, and more—when you’re DIYing, all of those things are your decision, which means looking at tons of options.

(It’s one of the reasons people hire designers, to avoid having to look at a million mirrors to pick the right one.)

Luckily for all of you, I have a pretty good memory, and throughout the process of shopping for every last thing in our bathroom, I’ve noticed when something looks very similar to a more expensive item I recently encountered.

So, today, I prepared for you a bathroom round of Save vs. Splurge, wherein we examine these identical pieces and ponder whether we’d pay a premium price for some reason.

No shame if you would—sometimes there’s an accent, a shape, a shade that makes it worth the upgrade. But sometimes it’s just downright silly to pay more. I’ll let you decide and meet me in the comments to decide if you’d save or splurge.

Now, let’s go shopping!

From faucets to mirrors and bathroom accessories, I'm rounding up a bunch of save vs. splurge options for your bathroom refresh or remodel!

Sources: Splurge Black Faucet | Save Black Faucet | Splurge Black Frame Mirror | Save Black Frame Mirror | Splurge Marble Container | Save Marble Container | Splurge White Soap Pump | Save White Soap Pump | Splurge Pom Pom Bath Mat | Save Pom Pom Bath Mat | Splurge Gold Frame Mirror | Save Gold Frame Mirror

Black Faucets

For our master bath, I was obsessed with the idea of a criss cross handle on the faucet. If you like a more linear look, this splurge option is so beautiful, but for a similar vibe with a rounded neck, you can save over $300.

Black Frame Mirror

This splurge version is beautiful, but it’s a taller shape. If you’re willing to lose a little height, you can save over $800 and get a shelf on your mirror, too!

Marble Canister

It’s so nice to have a designated spot on the counter to store your cotton balls or whatever it is you use most often. I love the brass detail on this splurge option, but for $40 less, this simple option will still give you that luxury marble feeling.

Sleek Soap Pump (& Accessories)

When we did our quarantine bathroom facelift, I was truly reminded of the difference that your soap pumps can make (those ones being sleek black ones). I love the look of the luxurious squared off white option, and there are matching accessories available, too, like a $58 matching tray. For $15, the save option includes a little tray and toothbrush holder, though, so it’s a great option, too!

Pom Pom Bath Mat

Honestly, these both look super nice and we’re looking at the “splurge” option for our master bathroom remodel, but I wanted to make you aware of the “save” option, too, since we have it and love it—and this brand has frequent 30% off sales. Plus you get a striped pattern and save $50+…nice!

Gold Frame Mirror

Curves are coming back in a big way, so add a little glam and art deco to your bathroom with this mirror. Honestly, I’m trying to find a difference between the splurge version and the save version to justify the $130 price difference, but I’m at a loss…are these exactly the same??

That’s all for now! Tell me in the comments which splurges you think are worth it and let me know which room I should cover next time on Save vs. Splurge!

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