The Decision to Remove and Relocate Our Front Door


One of the things that is difficult about our home (but inevitable unless we want to do an addition or major renovation…which we don’t) is that the living space is long and narrow. When we initially walked through the house, it was like a (wide) hallway.

The couch was on one side, opposite the TV, and then further down the hall, there was a small dining table, and then down at the end was the kitchen. While it’s nice that it was all open, it was all oriented the same way, which made it feel small and long and narrow. Again, a hallway.

A Solution to a Long & Narrow Walkway

So, when we walked through, I was really looking for a way to orient one living space (or more) another way to help eliminate the long and narrow feeling.

The problem was that the front door being at the far end (opposite the kitchen) made it that wall unusable and created the need for walking space through the middle of the living room.

The windows on the long wall were a similar struggle because it limited furniture arrangement.

The Decision to Remove Our Front Door

Ultimately, we decided the best course of action was to remove our front door.

I know it’s an unconventional choice whenever it comes to removing doors or windows, but we’re trying really hard to stay focused on functionality and designing for the way we really live.

We figured that it was unlikely that anyone would use it anyway—there’s a mudroom door that’s the easiest to access from the garage, and French doors from the deck, which are easier to access from the driveway. 

So, after a lot of discussion, we decided that those French doors are going to be our new front doors. At some point we will replace them with true entry doors like these dreamy ones.

This simple change allows us to break up the long, narrow nature of the living space. We’re probably going to place the TV on the wall that used to have the front door, orient the sofa facing toward it, and have the dining table behind the sofa. 

I think, since the rooms are all connected, that it won’t feel too choppy to have the couch in the middle, but we will see—I don’t really mind clearly defined zones anyway.

Removing a door or a window can be a scary move, but sometimes actually closing it up is the right move for how you actually want to live in your space. Don’t be afraid to do what’s right for your family. 

Would you take out a door or window to add function to your home? Tell me on this Instagram post and stay tuned for the full reveal of our TV wall, living room, and new entry space.

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