11 Pretty Bar Carts to Glam Up Your Booze


As I mentioned the other day, in the Country House, we’re moving a bit more slowly with purchases, and trying to take some in-between steps to determine exactly what we want. The best example of this? Our bar cart.

Let’s just face it: we like to drink. We like flavor and trying new things and learning about the fermentation process. We do wine tastings and distillery tours, and we plan trips to the Duoro Valley and Kentucky based around the local alcohol.

And with an interest in and affection for booze comes a lot of stuff. Shakers, corkscrews, glasses, bottles, bottles, bottles…in our house, the booze and accessories can’t just have a designated kitchen cabinet. They’d take over. They need a home of their own.

(Which is why, at the City House, we built exactly that.)

The Bar Cart

In the Country House, we’re shopping for bar cabinets and considering the benefits of built-in vs. free-standing. Which makes a rolling bar the perfect in-between option.

We can easily roll it around to see where exactly it makes the most sense to have our booze—over here, near the table? Over there, in the kitchen? Right when you walk in the front door? Only time will tell.

And then, when the time is right, we’ll find a good spot, buy (or build) a permanent home for our booze, and save this cutie to roll outside for cookouts and parties.

Whether you’re shopping for a permanent booze spot like us, or you want a glamorous permanent home for your liquor, there’s nothing quite like a bar cart. If you’re not a drinker, you can even use it as a cute coffee bar or serving station.

Let’s Go Shopping

Today, I’m rounding up the best bar carts that I came across while shopping for our own. Use them wisely to glam up even the cheapest of booze.

If you want a glamorous home for your liquor, there's nothing quite like a bar cart. Even if you're not a drinker, you can use it as a cute coffee bar or serving station.

Sources: Gold and Acrylic Cart | Gold and Wood Bar Cart with Wine Rack | Farmhouse Wood Serving Cart | Marble and Gold Oval Cart | Large Gold Rolling Bar with Accent Circle| Dark Metal Bar Cart with Wine Rack and Stemware Holders (This is the One we Got) | Gold Criss Cross Cart | Simple Rolling Cart | Acrylic Bar Cart | Minty Fresh Serving Cart | Rose Gold Rolling Bar

Let me know: which one is your favorite?

PS: Want more shopping? Last week I rounded up Flush Mounts for $50(!)

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