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Happy Thursday! As I mentioned last week, we’ve been ordering a bunch of samples for our house—tiles and paint and wallpaper. The most exciting? I got a few samples of wallpaper that I’m deciding between for our powder bathroom! 

(Between the powder bath and the pantry, I am definitely starting with the smallest and least scary rooms as we gear up for bigger projects.)

It seems like everywhere I look lately, I see wallpaper in bathrooms. While I don’t know how it would fare with the humidity of a shower (does anyone have experience with this? please inform me!), I love the idea of it. Which makes a powder bath the perfect spot for a beautiful paper. 

When we bought the City House, the bathroom was painted a dark red (I feel like this is so common in tiny windowless bathrooms—was this a 2000s trend?). I knew right away that red wouldn’t cut it, and we found so much inspiration online that we were 100% convinced that we needed an all-around wallpaper in the powder bathroom. 

I showed Dustin a few tropical options for wallpaper, because I was hoping for a Beverly Hills Hotel vibe, but he didn’t go for it. A little more research (ahem, Pinterest time), though, and I found a few options he was into. He actually made the final decision on this Hygge and West wallpaper—he loved it and wasn’t willing to compromise! 

It was so fun to look at and people always commented about how striking it was. It looked great with the gold mirror frame and black sconce we hung on it. The animals and natural elements have a very northern/hygge vibe.

We actually miss it a lot. So I’ve been shopping for (and ordering samples of) some different options for wallpaper for our new powder bath. 

Today, I thought I’d share a bunch of options that I came across while we were shopping for wallpaper. We’re 100% going to stick with the green family, but I came across so many fun colors that I thought I’d make a rainbow out of it. Which would you choose for your bathroom??

I’ve been shopping for some different options for wallpaper for our new powder bath. Today, I thought I’d share a bunch of options that I came across while we were shopping for wallpaper.


Farrow and Ball Ringwold in 1652

I love the smaller touches of color in this option—it’s perfect if you want to establish a color palette but not overwhelm the senses.

Pastel Waves by Taylor Sterling

If you want something that still feels fun and has movement, but is a little more subtle, this is such a pretty option.

Electric Palm

Because what could be more fun than a neon pink palm print wallpaper in a little bathroom. Just imagine the reaction when you open that door!

Yellow & Orange:

Lemon Wallpaper in White

I’m so into the idea of a lemon wallpaper in a powder room—its such a sweet look and the leaves add another shade to play with in your accessories.

Orange Crush by Nathan Turner in Peach

This one has different background color options if the peach isn’t your thing, but it feels so fresh and fun, and I love how the colors aren’t too perfect—it feels like someone painted it, which adds a little something to your powder bathroom.

Hygge and West Serengeti in Burnt Orange

I love the movement and life in Hygge and West wallpapers, and I think they make a great option for powder baths because there’s that level of interest. Your eye naturally travels around to the different animals and accents. I love the blue color with the orange in this one—it would be a perfect accent for a towel.


Hygge and West Piedmont in Pine

This one is super reminiscent of the wallpaper we put in our powder bath in the City House, just in a different color scheme and with some different critters in there. It’s a top contender for our farmhouse as well because it’s so playful and fun.

Magnolia Home Watercolor Olive Branch in Olive

I love this paper so much, it’s truly even more beautiful in person. It has more softness color-wise so would be perfect if you want more of a spa vibe in your space. 

Hygge and West Quilt in Celadon

The metallic accents on this wallpaper are so stunning! I love the imperfect yet geometric look as well—it’s not so stark that it looks stiff. 


Morocco Palm in Turquoise

If you can’t convince your husband to go full-on Beverly Hills Hotel palm, this is a tamer but still fun alternative. The scale of it makes it feel really fresh.

Farrow and Ball Arcade in 5306

Another case for a hint of accent color that you could choose to pull out more or tame down with your accessories. I love the mesmerizing pattern that feels almost 3-dimensional.

Deco Peacock in Pacific

Oversize peacocks forever! I am obsessed with this one and wondering how loyal I need to be to the green family…so perfect for a fun, fanciful touch that you can play up or down with the rest of the bathroom decor.

That’s all of them! Let me know over on Instagram which one is your favorite!

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