Plaid Carpet: Bold Choice or Classic Backdrop?


You may have noticed in my guest bedroom mood board, the floor was plaid. And maybe that isn’t surprising, considering I do love pattern and plaid is so classic (and classy!). But was I shopping for a plaid rug? Heck no! I decided to go full-on wall to wall carpet in a plaid print (!!!).

I’ve actually already ordered the product, so don’t try to convince me it’s a bad idea (lol). Even though the One Room Challenge officially ended, the carpet order was delayed (and I got sick and delayed everything for weeks…) so the final reveal is still coming—including a reveal of bold plaid wall-to-wall carpet.

Or is it that bold?

When I started finding images of plaid wall-to-wall carpet, it alternated between feeling like a bold choice and blending to practically become a neutral. After all, a rug usually has some pattern and texture to it, and they’re not usually seen as a bold choice.

So, today, we’re going to look at some examples and ask the question…Plaid Carpet: Bold Choice or Classic Backdrop?

Plaid Carpet Ideas

This was my original plaid carpet inspiration—it was all over once I saw this picture on Pinterest. Combined with that stunning white paneling, it looks incredible, huh?

And here is the same space furnished! I love the way the designer didn’t treat the plaid carpet as a bold choice. By combining it with a wallpaper and patterned window coverings, as well as these beautiful hanging chairs, it feels like a neutral and blends perfectly to create a cozy, cheery space.

Would you dare to try plaid carpet? Sometimes, it feels like a bold choice, and sometimes it blends to almost a neutral. Click to see more inspiration and ideas!

I saw Making Pretty Spaces use this subtle plaid carpet in her playroom redo and, honestly, it was really encouraging! This is a perfect choice for a space like a playroom that can afford to have a little personality and whimsy without being so loud that it would compete with everything else going on in such an active space.

Plaid carpet: would you dare? Click to see more inspiration and decide for yourself.

Move me into this bunk room! This room is so beautiful and special, and the plaid carpet, echoed in the accent pillow on the bed, classes the whole thing up. It grounds the whimsy of the light blue bunks and ceiling wallpaper, and buttons the whole thing up.

This closet from Studio McGee is such a dream! While that green island with the classy brass pulls is a stunning element, it’s really the carpet that pushes it over the top and makes this closet feel designed. Needless to say, I’m thinking about our eventual closet project now, too…

Plaid carpet: would you dare? Click to see my inspiration roundup and see where we're planning to use plaid carpet in our home.

We’ve seen plaid carpet in some secondary spaces so far, but why not let it shine in the living room, too?? I love the way the ceiling beams echo the pattern of the plaid on another scale, and the shades of grey pull from the pattern as well. It’s definitely an important element in the space but doesn’t feel like a bold choice, does it?

Plaid Carpet on Stairs

Plaid carpet isn’t just for those flat floors! This pattern looks so nice climbing up the stairs, doesn’t it?

Hello, gorgeous! This is actually a runner, so not technically a wall-to-wall situation, but we’re going to let it stay. This neutral pattern almost looks like a stripe because of the lighting, but it’s actually plaid. It makes the staircase somehow feel grand and cozy all at once.

I'm loving the plaid carpet look on the stairs, how about you? Click to see more inspiration and tell me if you'd try this look.

This black and white carpet on stairs feels like a more farmhouse look thanks to the white background and other touches of black. But it’s a solid look, huh? The simplicity of the surroundings really let the plaid carpet shine.

This bold plaid carpet makes for such a stunning staircase, huh? Click for more inspiration and decide if this is a look you would try in your home!

This actually looks like the same pattern, but I love the way this one feels like a bolder choice. I think it’s the combination of the color on the walls, the bold gallery wall, and the wallpaper (mural?) we catch a peek of. But, while there’s a lot going on, it still feels polished and proves to us that more is more.

Our Plaid Wall to Wall Carpet

Update: our plaid carpet finally arrived! I shared more in this blog post, but I wanted to give a sneak peek here as well:

The plaid wall to wall carpet for our upstairs finally arrived! Click for more inspiration and decide if this is a look you would try in your home!

Plaid Wall to Wall Carpet: Would You Dare?

I’m dying to know if the look is coming across more bold or classic in your mind. It really depends on the surrounding design decisions as well as the specific carpet, the style of the plaid, and the colors in the carpet!

I have to say, I love seeing the plaid combined with wallpaper and bold colors, but I can see how that might be a bit much for some people. I just love the fun, the movement, and the pattern. It feels classic and whimsical at the same time.

Obviously, we know where I stand, but tell me in the comments: is plaid carpet a look you’d try in your own home?

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    October 26, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    Colleen Warren, I believe this is the source for the first carpet.

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    Colleen Warren
    September 22, 2021 at 9:52 am

    Hi! I’m wondering what plaid carpets you found? I’m obsessed with the first photo, and saw the designer wouldn’t say the source, did you happen to find it? I also love the walk in closet plaid photo as well. Thank you!

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