My Pink and Green Home Office Mood Board & Inspiration


I didn’t plan on sharing my office mood board yet at all, since we’re trying to focus on the main floor spaces first—especially the master bathroom and pantry.

But, lately, I’ve ended up buying a couple of things for my office when they were on sale. First I got a chair and then some pillows.

And of course things have spiraled and now I’m chomping at the bit to get my home office decorated.

Home Office Priorities

If you don’t know, I work from home as a freelance copywriter & content strategist. I write blog posts, emails, and website content.

So, of course, I really need a designated space where I can hunker down and get my work done.

In the City House, I had an office, but I didn’t use it much. I usually worked from our bar space or the couch. In this house, I knew I wanted to try to keep my work more separated from relaxing time. When it was clear that it was time for me to get a new computer, we decided to get me a desktop (!) so that I really would be forced to work just in my office.

I actually have loved having a desktop so far, and I still have my laptop that I’ll use when I need to work while traveling. But having to be in my office to work also means that I really want to get it decorated and create an inspiring space for me.

I hope to have a place where I can plot our home projects as well as my blogging and work goals.

Inspiration: Beverly Hills Hotel, Pink and Green

I actually had palm print wallpaper in my City House office, so we already know I love palms. Since I shared that office space with Dustin (he sometimes works from home), I was kind and didn’t fill the room with pink accessories.

Now that we’re in a house with more bedrooms, we get to have our own offices. So, that means I’m going to make it my own and go ahead and put pink on the ceiling.

Finally having my home office to myself means one thing: I'm painting the ceiling pink. Click to read about the other decisions I've made for my pink and green home office.

Sources: Style by Emily Henderson |The Beverly Hills Hotel | Oh Joy | HGTV | Money Can Buy Lipstick

My original inspiration for the office came from this home office. I loved the idea of painting a ceiling, and while I debated a few different colors, I kept coming back to pink. (I’m thinking a pretty subtle blush.)

Then, I found this artwork, which inspired me to do a pink + green combo (unfortunately, the piece is $3000, so it will not actually make it in the office). And when it comes to blush and green, the inspiration naturally turns to The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Home Office Mood Board

Finally having my home office to myself means one thing: I'm painting the ceiling pink. Click to read about the other decisions I've made for my pink and green home office.

Sources: Agave Art | Birds on a Line Art | Bulletin Board | Side Table | Pinstripe Plant | Pink Chair | Banana Palm Pillow | Monstera Plant | Banana Palm Curtains | Gold Desk (discontinued, here in white) | Money Tree | Faux Fur “Rug” Dog Bed | Green Desk Chair | Marble and Gold Shelf | Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore First Light, Frostine, Revere Pewter

So, here is my mood board. It incorporates the chair and pillows I recently ordered, and the desk I already own (discontinued but search for “West Elm Parsons Desk Gold” and maybe you can find it for resale).

As much as I’d like a new desk, I don’t think it qualifies as a *need* right now, so we’re going to hold off on that for now. (Especially because the desk chair I’ve chosen isn’t cheap.)

The one thing I definitely do need is a desk for my coworker, aka a dog bed for Lia. She likes to be close by at all times (I’m actually wondering if that pink chair is going to be covered in black hair soon enough…) and I want to have a spot for her. This dog bed actually looks like a faux fur rug, which I think will work perfectly with the aesthetic in here.

This room will be a departure from the general style of the rest of our house, incorporating less natural materials and more glam. I actually don’t mind that, though—I think it’s a good thing to have a separation between your work and relaxation spaces. Plus, I think white walls will tone down the splashes of color in this room and keep it from feeling too much like a teenager’s bedroom.

What do you think—would you want to work in a space inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel? Let me know!

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