Our Moody Blue Bedroom Plans and a Case for Dark Bedrooms

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I know I’ve shared a little bit about bedroom before—we discussed choosing a paint color and shopping for bedding, but we’ve yet to share a final reveal, because we haven’t put that final *polish* on it quite yet. But, as I mentioned here, this is our biggest goal this week: finally getting our bedroom in order, finishing up all the little to-dos, and getting orders in to have a room that feels complete—no more 90% club!

So today, I’m sharing my inspiration and mood board for our bedroom, so you can get an understanding of where we’re headed ahead of our reveal!

I Love a Dark Bedroom

In this first section, allow me to go ahead and build my case for a dark bedroom. In our last house, we painted the bedroom dark grey, and I loved it.

I just love going to sleep in a cave, I guess—I really do think a dark paint color allows you to sleep better. To be fair, I do sleep in total darkness (usually with a pillow on my face, that’s how dark I like it). BUT, it’s not just a practical sleeping choice, a dark bedroom is also beautiful. Case in point:

This example is so inspiring to me because it really makes the case for more and more of the moody shades. I love the layering of shades of blue here—it keeps your eye interested since there are shades and textures to look at, but, being mostly monochromatic, still feels relaxing. I also really like the rug, bringing some lightness on the floor to balance the ceiling.

This is really the dream for a moody bedroom: a dark cuddle cave you can relax in, but with enough going on to be interesting to look at when your eyes are open.

Again, this image is leaning into the blue and really driving it home, and I think it makes for a really compelling, yet relaxing, space. I think the white stripe on the benches at the foot of the bed brings just enough contrast, and even that is tempered by the blue blanket. Plus, that ledge along the back is so dreamy, isn’t it?

Here, they went totally dark on the walls, with bright white contrasting bedding. I also love this look, the contrast is engaging but, both being neutrals, it doesn’t feel like a shock to the system. This would be a great option if you’re a little more hesitant to go dark on your walls. Still, the bright white bedding is a bit too much for me—I think I’d layer on a dark blanket to temper it.

By the way: If you like this, I shared moody blue bedroom inspiration over here, too!

Moody Modern Bedroom Mood Board

So that brings me to our mood board for our bedroom! We’ve been working in this space on and off for a LONG time, but it’s really our goal to get it done and dusted so we can feel more settled. So, here are our plans:

I'm sharing my inspiration and mood board for our moody blue bedroom, along with my case for dark bedrooms.

Sources: Paint | Print | Cornflower Blue Duvet Cover | Blanket | Wood Floor | Rug | Drink Table | Chair | Bed | Gallery Frames | Sconce

The foundation of the room is obviously the blue paint color: Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball. We already have been living with this color for a while, and I love it. It’s the most perfect navy, with just enough of a teal-ish tint to feel dynamic. We originally did the walls in a matte finish and it scuffed too easily, though, so we’re repainting in an eggshell. It’s not pictured but we’re also doing navy curtains to blend into the wall color.

The other foundation is our light hardwood flooring: Aayers Rocky Ridge in French Oak Mist, and our rug, which is an off white color with a geometric pattern. We’re also bringing in light elements through our bed (which we already had), our nightstands (not pictured), and the lighting. In the corner, we’re going to have a gallery wall and a chair for a cozy reading nook.

For the bedscape, I’m not 100% decided yet, but I love the idea of layering blues and whites to create something that feels really relaxed yet cohesive. Here’s an example I recently saw that I really liked (although maybe one too many blankets?):

So I was thinking of how to layer in that color when the walls are already navy, and I saw this cornflower blue duvet cover which seemed like a good injection of another shade without going off the rails. Layered with another pop of navy, I think it will be perfect!

Building a Moody Bedroom

I feel really good about this plan and this mood board—mood board choices are never 100% final, but I feel like I’m headed in a really good direction and I truly am so ready to see it all come together. Obviously, when this space is done, you’ll be the first to know!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments—would you go moody in your bedroom?

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