Sharing the Mood Board for our Minnesota Modern Farmhouse!


Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement yesterday, when we announced that we’re moving from our downtown Minneapolis home out to a farmhouse in the country!

You might be is wondering what we have in store for this lovely little house, and I can’t wait to take you along on this journey. I want to leave plenty of surprises for you, but also give you a sense of our style and direction for the whole home. 

So, today I decided to share the guiding colors, textures, concepts, and inspiration for our new country home. That’s right—it’s mood board time! 

Guiding Styles

Before we share the mood board, I want to share the style that’s guiding this whole endeavor. I’m calling it Minnesota Modern (#minnemod??), but I know that might not mean much to anyone but me. My guiding styles are: 

Scandinavian Design:  natural materials like wood and leather, contrasting light and dark, black and white.

Mid-Century Modern: intriguing lines and angles, minimalism, and playing with color.

Minnesota: incorporating natural elements and colors from nature as well as locally sourced pieces and acknowledging Minnesotan culture.

Farmhouse: when I think of Farmhouse style, I think of cheesy signs that say “Gather” and lots of faux-weathered furniture. I don’t want those kinds of things in our house, but I want to acknowledge its history—it is a farmhouse that’s almost 100 years old! Touches like modern shiplap and the apron sink (which is already there and I don’t plan to remove) will acknowledge that history without getting too literal.

Mood Board

Okay, here it is! Our mood board that will guide our Minnesota modern vision for our country house. 

Today I decided to share the guiding colors, textures, concepts, and inspiration for our new Minnesota Modern country home. That’s right—it’s mood board time!

Image sources: Light and Dwell | My Own Photo of Magnolia Press | HGTV | Masterpiece Doors | Dwell

Shades Based On: Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bottle Green |Farrow and Ball Hague Blue | Benjamin Moore First Light

As you can see, I want to play with color and contrast in this home, while incorporating more wood tones than we did in our previous home. In general, I think wood was out of style a few years ago, and has come back in a big way now.

But also, we were a little hesitant designing our first home ever, and you have to admit it’s easier to just make everything white and grey than to play with color and contrast. When you do your first home, I think it’s normal to stay a little safer and do what you know will work together or stick with just one stand-out element in a home.

Since we did our city house, I’ve encountered a lot more design inspiration that is dark and moody, glamorous and over-the-top, completely colorful…basically, I’ve seen that you can make anything work! All of this inspiration has squashed my fears of mixing colors, using moody tones, mixing woods, etc.

This time around, I have a little more confidence that I hope will stick with me as we renovate and redecorate our home!

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on our mood board in the comments of this Instagram post.

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