How to Find Interior Design Inspiration While Traveling


We all travel for a variety of reasons. Some of us travel to eat, to try cocktails, to see sights. One of my favorite reasons to hop on a plane is to find inspiration I can take to my favorite destination: home.

I’ve rounded up interior design inspiration I found in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and London, but I thought I’d share with you exactly how I found those spots.

Ready to find some interior design #inspo? I’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can find inspiring interiors anywhere in the world:

Visit the Fancy Hotels

Hotels put a lot of intention into creating their ambiance, and you can reap the benefits.

Plus, you don’t have to stay in the fancy hotels to wander around the lobby, grab a drink at the bar, or have a meal in the restaurant. 

Even if you’re staying 20 minutes outside of the city in a Holiday Inn that seriously needs a renovation to join the rest of us in this century, you can find home design inspiration by popping into the fancy hotels.

Research the old stately hotels in the city you’re headed to, and grab a drink in a wood paneled bar. Pop into the hotel you saw all over Instagram and find their crazy wallpaper. Have a meal in the sleek hotel where everything is made of glass. 

Mix it up and see them all! 

Have a Nice Meal

Restaurants are the best place to find kitchen and dining room inspiration because of course they have such similar furniture to what you’d put in your home.

Before we go on a trip, I like to research the best restaurants in the city, and when you’re looking at Google maps or Yelp, you can usually see the interiors as well. Even if you don’t seek out interiors, a lot of the restaurants with the best food put a lot of thought into their decor and ambiance.

Pay attention to what makes a beautiful restaurant feel welcoming—is it the tables lacking clutter? The little vases? The mix of wood tones and tile? The colors they selected? These details are easy to replicate in your home.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Don’t underestimate any destination. When we recently went to Kentucky, I thought we’d have fun but probably not find any beautiful interiors…and I was wrong. 

From the beautiful old hotel where we had dinner, to the dining room at Maker’s Mark, to the waiting area at Woodford Reserve, there were so many beautiful spaces—I just had to be open to seeing it.

Be open to seeing beautiful colors, adorable moments, and sweet decor everywhere. The joy of finding inspiration while traveling is seeing something you wouldn’t see at home—let it surprise you! 

Find an Art Gallery

Art galleries are one of my favorite places to snag souvenirs—and no, I’m not a millionaire buying massive paintings! Instead, I seek out an aesthetic I love on a large scale and then see if they have any mini versions that might fit in my suitcase. 

I’ve found so many sweet little sculptures and glass art pieces that are reasonably priced and suitcase-sized. And I’d much rather have a little dormouse from Bath than a t-shirt.

At some galleries, they’ll have notecards or postcards featuring small versions of beautiful pieces. A series of 4×6 postcards in frames can have an impact just like a large art piece or poster could. 

Get creative! Even if you don’t buy anything, you can find inspiration in a gallery in a foreign city.

Find Inspiration Everywhere

One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to find inspiration, from interiors to fashion, and even attitudes and opinions, that I can bring home with me. I hope these tips help you find inspiration everywhere you go—and that you snap a picture to bring home! 

Tell me in the comments where you’ve found inspiration while traveling.

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