Inappropriate Home Decor You Definitely Shouldn’t Buy


I love a whimsical home, and I’m not sure you can really achieve that without pissing some people off. Sometimes a home just feels more comfortable with a little humor, a swear word here and there, and something that would make your grandma blush. All in pursuit of whimsy of course! (And a raging estate sale when you’re gone.)

We’re in a really fun phase of renovating right now. Our walls are mostly painted, we are finalizing furniture arrangements, we’re hanging a lot of art. Plus, we’re finally digging out some of our prized home decor. There’s a variety of course, including a number of books (and cute vases among them) and treasures from travels. And there are also some items that might make you blush or laugh or just roll your eyes.

So, today, I thought I’d share an irreverent guide to inappropriate home decor that’s sure to raise some eyebrows.

If today’s post offends you, that’s fine! Come back another time to shop for lamps or planters! But if you get it, you get it. And today, I’m speaking to you. Come on in!

Shopping for Inappropriate Home Decor

A home just feels more comfortable with a little humor, and this irreverent guide to inappropriate home decor is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Sources: Middle Finger Lamp | Fuck Neon Light | Middle Finger Gnome | Good Morning Asshole Mug | Tasty As Fuck Cutting Board | Kama Sutra Dinner Napkins | Pillows: Pills Beaded Pillow | Shhh Secret Pillow | What The Fuck Needlepoint Pillow | Boobs Pillow | 100% That Bitch Needlepoint Pillow | Lips Trinket Trays | Weed Trinket Tray | Get Naked Bath Mat | Edibles Canister | Puppy Uppers Canister

Swear on a Needlepoint

You have to admire the gall it takes to needlepoint a swear word (or other inappropriate saying) on your cushion. Personally, I’m tempted by the 100% That Bitch pillow, but I also really love the What—and I cannot stress this enough—The Fuck option. This brand has a ton of other great needlepoint pillows I love! I really want to get the one that says Why Go Big When You Can Go Home?

We actually already have the Puppy Uppers canister in our house, and while I do love the Edibles canister, I’m also considering the Glitter option. We also have the mini Weed canister in our bathroom. These canisters are just SO much fun to sprinkle around the house for a little humor—but also a little bit of storage! See all of the options here.

Drug References and Rude Gnomes

If you’re not as into the words on your inappropriate home decor (I totally get it), there are still some great eyebrow-raising options that aren’t as…direct. When only one finger will do, there’s a lamp option or a gnome statue (on my wish list for sure!) to communicate your message.

I also love the beaded pills pillow (a splurge for sure!), for either a little drug reference, or just a colorful pattern. It would make a fun little pairing with the whisper pillow nearby! What a whimsical couch you could have…

These Kama Sutra dinner napkins definitely have to be for the right crowd, but could be a fun addition for a party with a sense of humor.

Sassy Home Decor FTW

So there you have it, some fun, inappropriate home decor to infuse a little humor in your home. I’d love to know in the comments if these sassy home options are up your alley or pushing it a bit too much for your taste!

PS: Love sassy home decor? Check out my previous shopping posts about Body Positive Home Decor and Face Planters.

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