Happy Hour: Whole30 Recipes I’m Depending on This Week

Happy Hour

Cheers to the weekend! How are you feeling after the first “real” week after the holidays?

I feel surprisingly good, and it’s been a very productive week in my office. Though, as you may have seen, all that office time has me dreaming of decorating it, so that’s moving up the priority list.

I also started my third Whole30 on Jan 2nd, and it’s my intention to actuallly do reintroduction right this time instead of going hard on cheese on day 31. I want this to be my last Whole30, not because I don’t love the Whole30, but because I want a healthy lifestyle that I don’t need a reset from.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised that this Whole30 hasn’t really been hard at all…no strong cravings, no “hangover” feeling, no wanting to quit. So I think that’s a good indication that my eating habits were better than I give myself credit for. Still, a reset is good after the holidays.

I’ve been more playful on this Whole30 than I was in the past, so I thought I’d share my favorite indulgent-but-compliant recipes that I’ve used in the last week:

  • Saw PaleoRunningMama create a guac chicken salad and then let it get too late on a weeknight, so I hungry shopped and bought store bought shredded rotisserie chicken + store bought guac and made my own…amazing.
  • Used compliant mayo + dijon to make egg salad yesterday and ate it with a fork. I feel like, when we usually eat something in a sandwich, it’s easy to forget that you can just, like, eat it plain. But you can, and you’ll probably get more of the flavor.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip forever. Made it on Sunday for football at my in-laws and all of us devoured it…even those not on the Whole30. Just dip celery stick/cucumber spears.

I wish I was toasting to the weekend (especially after waxing poetic about booze in yesterday’s post), but, alas, Whole30, so…

Toasting with: San Pellegrino Essenza, Tangerine and Wild Strawberry Flavor. You can find them at Costco.

(or coffee. thank goodness you can have coffee on the whole30!)

Inspired by:

  • I took a sick day at my mom’s house on Monday (our Sling was having issues and her TV works fine) and fantasizing about the someday remodel we’ll do there. This closet remodel from Domino is exactly right for the upstairs bedroom/someday playroom.
  • Yes, we just bought a house, but that’s not stopping us from fantasizing about our next 3 projects…like maybe a cabin someday.
  • This is our second project house, so it only seemed right to share what we learned from the first renovation we did.
  • In the City House, everything was white and grey. This house already has a lot of black accents, but I’m loving the idea of white + wood, too.
  • Shared an update of the pantry project that’s taking forever. Fingers crossed we get some work done this weekend and I’m able to show you a reveal soon (or at least put my spices away).
  • You know I want to paint my office ceiling pink, and I stumbled across this version that’s confirming the decision.

Shopping for:

Wishing you a great weekend! Get at it, team!

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