Happy Hour: What I’m Buying on Black Friday

Happy Hour

Happy Friday and official start to the Christmas season!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re headed off to Amsterdam tomorrow (!) so I’m spending today packing and snagging a couple of deals for Black Friday.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

Toasting with: This week, I’m toasting with this Bourbon Barrel Aged Chardonnay. It’s got enough oak to make me happy and enough acid that Dustin likes it. Opening a bottle knowing I can’t finish it is always annoying, so I’m glad we can share!

Shopping for: This week, I shared the inspiration for our pantry remodel and some pretty canisters I’m looking at filling it up with.

Of course, being that it’s Black Friday today, that’s not all the shopping I’m doing. I read this interesting article about the decline of Black Friday, and I feel like it’s so true—it seems like some stores have had good deals for weeks!

I am trying to be intentional about only buying things that I was planning on buying anyway. As in, we’re looking at only the exact model of the appliances we wanted and checking out how good the deals look. It’s tough to stay laser-focused like that, but necessary to avoid regrettable spending!

So, here’s what we’re buying:

  • First, we’re shopping for appliances—the deals seem to be the same at basically every store, so check for bonuses like gift cards or free delivery.
  • I already bought my six nieces and nephews these super soft jammies—we get them new pajamas every year and it’s such an easy gift, they consistently love it, and we’re not filling their houses with even more toys.
  • We booked our stay at this hotel for 30% off (!)—yes, we were planning (hoping) to stay there anyway. What a great reminder that hotels have great Black Friday deals, too!
  • We snagged this vacuum for $350. I’m so excited to use something more lightweight on stairs.
  • We’re trying to do the math to see if it’s worth it to snag everything we want from CB2 right now, since their deal today is based on what you spend.
  • We took our Christmas card photo yesterday and I always order them on Black Friday to get the best deal (code: BF2019).
  • My Nespresso is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten, so we stocked up on coffee (the nordic black seasonal one is amazing!) to get a few free sleeves. Accessories are also 35% off, so we grabbed a recycling bin so that the bag won’t keep falling over under the sink.

Need some more support to avoid reckless spending today? Sarah is my favorite resource for exactly that!

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