Happy Hour: Trendy vs. Timeless

Happy Hour

Cheers to the weekend! After 3+ weeks of being sick with Covid-19, I’m actually considering having a glass of wine this weekend, so it feels good to feel normal enough for that, anyway.

Toasting with…our new favorite red wine, 1448. We bought a case at our local liquor store so that we always have a bottle on hand when hosting this fall/winter.

After sharing a post all about trendy terrazzo the other day, and seeing some posts around talking about trends vs. timelessness, I’ve been thinking a lot about what “trendy” really is.

Obviously, we went through a recent period of farmhouse/modern farmhouse, with everything black and white and wood and not a color in sight. Before that, of course, everything was shades of grey, leading me to a real fear of painting any wall grey lest it look like 2008.

But while these are certainly trends in decorating (and we’re definitely in the era of moody paint colors), usually when you’re in it, these design decisions *feel* pretty timeless.

(And, of course, I don’t go into anyone’s white or grey house and roll my eyes. If you commit to it, it can still look great!)

My point is, our perspective on what’s timeless tends to shapeshift with the trends we’re experiencing. Sure, nobody’s probably looking at 80’s furniture shapes or caned everything and thinking it’s *truly* timeless, but when choosing paint or a general design aesthetic, I don’t think we usually feel like we’re being trendy.

And, anyway, what does it matter? If I like the look of my house, who cares if it is trendy? Or even a bit behind the times?

Ultimately, you can only choose what makes you happy, and what works with the era and look of your house. And acknowledge that it will probably evolve over time—no matter what.

So, if you needed it, I guess I’m giving you permission to embrace the trends!

Shopping For:

  • Impulse purchased this little rug as a doormat for our back door and I can’t get over how much I love it! I also ordered these to hold it in place as we walk over the threshold.
  • My absolute favorite fall candle. Every year I try new ones, and every year I come right back to this one.
  • Got Dustin a pair of these slippers as a homecoming gift from his Covid-19 hospital stay, and he loves the firm rubber bottom so he doesn’t feel weird walking outside in them.
  • Is it too soon to be ordering Christmas decorations? I’ve got this wreath in my cart.
  • Currently reading and obsessed. I keep sneaking in time to read in the middle of the day so I can see what happens next! I’m glad there’s a sequel, I’ll be downloading that onto my kindle as soon as I finish.
  • I guess these are the kinds of things I have opinions about now: I love these face masks!

Inspired By:

That’s all for now! I’m really looking forward to getting some DIYs done this weekend—including getting the TV up in the basement, making progress in our bedroom, and maybe getting doors (!) up in the bathroom.

Plus, I have a quick (hopefully easy) exterior DIY that I’ll be sharing about in my Instagram stories.

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