Happy Hour: The DIY Cry

Happy Hour

I hope this post doesn’t feel out-of-the-blue, but I don’t just want to share the glamorous part of renovating—if you want that, you can turn on HGTV literally any hour of the day or night.

Part of what we’re sharing in this forum is where we really are, even when it’s messy and hard.

We’re new to most of the DIY projects we’re doing and sometimes that makes it hard. Sometimes we have a DIY cry.

I watch a lot of Instagrammers who do amazing renovations and DIY projects (I recommend Frills & Drills, Angela Rose, and Joinery & Design Co). I love seeing them be successful, but it does sometimes feel like it’s so easy for them, and so hard for me.

So, I wanted to share the real reaction I have when things are harder than I want them to be (aka literally everything all the time): I cry.

I’ve always been a cryer, I’m just a sensitive person. But here’s an honest sampling of things that have made me cry lately:

  • The drywall paper tape in the master bathroom started bubbling and Dustin found me in there, up on a ladder, just mudding drywall and crying.
  • I did a prime check in the bathroom and found more issues than I wanted to. Same thing in the basement!
  • I measured wrong/didn’t measure SO many things around the vanity in the main bathroom and it resulted in a bunch of returns/buying new items.
  • Our toe kick air vent return sticks out a little farther than I wanted it to (miscommunication with the HVAC guy). I will paint it and it won’t be a big deal, but it was a bummer.
  • Our shower was built the wrong size (by our Tiler) so our glass door doesn’t fit. This is an ongoing issue and the reason you haven’t seen a bathroom reveal yet. Honestly, it’s still so upsetting to me that I didn’t want to even talk about it.

I just wanted to share in case there’s anyone out there crying over their bubbling paper tape or mixed up measurements and feeling so alone. You’re not alone.

This ish is hard, and it’s okay that it’s hard—it’s a sign you’re learning new things!

I can’t say it will get easier because I’m still in the thick of it myself, but sometimes it’s okay for things to be hard. I can do hard things, and so can you!

What DIYs have made you cry lately?? Tell me in the comments or over on Instagram.

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  • I’ve been using this moisturizer for about a month and I’m obsessed. My skin is truly combination and this is moisturizing enough that I don’t have to put on multiple layers, without being heavy and greasy.
  • Everything is suddenly Terrazzo, so I got on board and ordered this big pot for my ever-growing monstera.
  • I got sucked into the new organizing show on Netflix, Get Organized with The Home Edit, so I preordered their new book that comes out next week.
  • I’ve been really into this artist lately and even snagged an original (!) during her Labor Day sale. But she also has a collection on Anthropologie as well as Etsy, so be sure to check those pieces out.
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