Happy Hour: New Year, New House

Happy Hour

Cheers to a new year, and new decade—welcome to the roaring 20s! This new beginning feels a little more significant than most years, doesn’t it?

Sure, we bought our new place in November, but 2020 is really the year we’re going to get to work on our updates!

That said, I’m really resisting setting resolutions this year (I’m a virgo so this is a particular challenge.) I feel like resolutions and self-help can lead to a somewhat unhealthy headspace where you constantly feel like you have to fix yourself. In 2019, I started to come around to the idea that there’s nothing wrong with me, so I’m really trying to avoid a return to that mindset.

My intentions for this year are still a bit undefined, but I’m looking to support my physical body—recognizing that it’s the only one I’ll ever get (and, after all, it’s where my brain lives)—and create a beautiful home.

We celebrated the new year with a couple of good friends and their little baby, so it was a pretty chill evening. And now, I’m starting a Whole30 to center my eating habits a bit after that Christmas period of so much booze and sugar. Don’t worry, I’ll still share a cocktail today:

Toasting with:

The easiest champagne cocktail ever, which I love to make to impress my friends:

Place a sugar cube in the bottom of a Champagne flute (we always have these ones in the house, they’re just so easy). Put a few dashes of peach bitters on the sugar cube. Top with sparkling wine of your choice.

That’s it! So easy and looks really pretty as the sugar cube dissolves among the bubbles.

Plus, it’s a great option if you bought a cheap bottle of prosecco and it’s not very good.

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