Happy Hour: Making Plans

Happy Hour

Hey everyone, how’s it going? I know this time stuck inside our homes can feel like such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

I know I’m feeling differently in the morning than the evening, and some days are better than others. One thing that’s keeping me sane, though, is working on projects around our house. (Even though some might be Pinterest fails.)

We’ve been doing little things, like styling our new entryway bench, and big things like Dustin wiring the basement, and in-between things like painting some outdoor furniture. But mostly, a lot of what I’ve been doing is gathering inspiration, online shopping, and trying to nail down some budgets—ie, making plans.

So today, I thought I’d share some of the best inspiration I’m finding lately, where I’m shopping, and how we’re planning. Plus, how I’m getting myself off the screens, too.

But first, let’s toast! Toasting with: Aperol Spritz! My favorite when it gets a little warmer. Just mix equal parts Aperol and sparkling wine, and top with a splash of sparkling water. Cheers! 

We’ve also been enjoying the newly springy weather here in Minnesota

Inspired by:

I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Usually, I get an idea in my head (either from Instagram or just wondering what something would look like) and then search that specific thing on Pinterest to see how other people have done it.

My recent Pinterest searches, for instance, are things like “black and white bathtub” and “outdoor fireplace.” I’m looking a lot more specifically right now than just scrolling, because I feel like I have a lot of ideas I want to flesh out more, instead of hunting for brand new ideas.

  • Nobody’s surprised, but Emily Henderson styled this outdoor space so perfectly—it’s so cozy! 
  • A new follow for me, Nest Out West crushed it with this entertainment space.
  • I can’t believe this kitchen from Beginning in the Middle is Ikea! 
  • I swooned over a shot of this Studio McGee kitchen—and then I realized it’s a pantry! Wow! 
  • Serious door goals over here.
  • As much as I love social media, getting off of screens a bit has been so valuable for me. I’ve been loving consulting my favorite design books lately for a boost of inspiration. I love Home Body for farmhouse style and important practical reminders of things to remember in each space. 
  • Plus, Hygge & West Home has such wonderful stories about how people designed their homes and brought everything together. 
  • Want to see more inspiration? I’m pinning like crazy lately on Pinterest, so be sure to follow me!

Shopping for:

When it comes to planning, shopping can help a lot. Once you’ve committed to one item (or at least put it in a digital shopping cart) it can help a lot of other things become clear—or it can make it clear what’s a priority and what’s not. 

For instance, this week I was doing some shopping to budget plan for our master bathroom remodel. I put a few items in my cart, consulted my budget, and cut back to one. 

We had a lovely conversation with a representative from Ferguson Showrooms on Monday, and made some selections that we’re evaluating in light of the budget now. These conversations are making us realize which items we’re willing to fight for (faucets) and which we care less about (mirrors). 

I actually love to pin to a “shopping” board or just build a cart, even if I’m not ready to buy. By shopping and considering, you have time to (1) budget and (2) consider which items you really want, and which you can pass on.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Cheers! 

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