Happy Hour: It’s Coming on Christmas

Happy Hour

Happy Friday! I can’t believe we’re almost at Christmas already. I have gifts left to wrap, and I still haven’t sent my Christmas cards (though I hope they get out today!) I just feel so overwhelmed and tired at the moment to be honest, with so many projects at work, Christmas tasks, and of course house projects.

The consolation? We’re starting to take steps in our house. We got the shiplap started in the formerly green pantry this week, and Dustin started demoing the future master bathroom. Even just getting my desk in my office and my computer set up felt like a huge step!

Toasting with: hot cocoa with Bailey’s says Christmas more than just about anything, doesn’t it?

Inspired by:

  • I shared last week that we were starting to get some samples in for wallpaper, tiles, and paint. I’m really learning to trust my gut, because all of the ones that I thought would be my favorite totally are. I shared a few wallpaper ideas for powder bathrooms this week, including the 3 green options we’re deciding between.
  • Reading all about fluffy white beds after staying in hotels in Europe. I love how luxurious white bedding feels, so I’d love to have white bedding in the guest room so guests feel like they’re at a fancy hotel.
  • These two toned bathrooms have some really fun and bold ideas.
  • My kind of holiday recipe.
  • Who else is following along with Chris Loves Julia’s renovation? I love how much realness they’re sharing—like how things take longer than you expect and have to be reworked and redone. I aspire to be able to share as much as they do.
  • We got new appliances this week! I’ll share more pictures (and maybe reviews?) after our counters are cleaned up—lots of tools and random things on them at the moment.
Merry Christmas from The Cozy Clarks

Shopping for:

  • A well-reviewed motion sensor switch for our Pantry re-do, which is chugging along.
  • A color reader to help me find the perfect paint color match for the wallpapers, tiles, fabrics, etc. that I’ve been ordering.
  • A couple of design books that are on my Christmas list: Living With Color and The New Glamour.
  • Gretchin Rubin has a way of phrasing things that gets me to actually commit to habit change—while Marie Kondo changed the way I do some things, I bet Outer Order, Inner Calm would help me tidy up for the new year.

That’s all! I hope you have a great weekend and a fab holiday. I’ll be back on Dec 30 with a new post!

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