Happy Hour: Home from London & Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Bingo

Happy Hour

Cheers! Happy Friday!

I’ve been feeling so out of it this week since we got home from Europe on Tuesday and I’ve been fighting the jetlag and general disorientation that comes with getting home from a big trip…stocking up on groceries, trying to remember what was on your to-do list before you left…oof.

But tonight we’re having a few people over to see our new house so I’ve had to rally and get some Christmas decorations up and some boxes cleaned out.

Ultimately, though, we’ve decided to go with the “don’t wait” mindset (a la Chris Loves Julia) and just watch movies with friends among a couple boxes. And I’ve accepted that my holiday decorating won’t be extensive this year and just got the tree done. Sometimes good enough feels good.

Toasting with: We’re making mulled wine tonight—we drank so much mulled wine in London and it was so cozy and festive feeling! I’m working with this general guide more than any one recipe.

Inspired by:

Shopping for:

Honestly, not much because we just got back from a trip that wasn’t cheap, but…

  • Wondering if I make mulled wine often enough to justify fancy mugs.
  • These shoes saved my feet (again!) across Europe while we walked 8 miles per day—I own two pairs and they’re my go-to travel shoes. This time, they got a little dirty walking through a park and I just rinsed them in the shower and let them dry quick. Amazing.
  • We know we want some kind of bar cabinet (or maybe built-in) eventually, but we aren’t sure which one or where exactly we’d put it. We ordered this pretty bar cart as an in-between to hold our bar stuff for now—plus we can move it around to test different spots.
  • We ordered a bunch of tile, wallpaper, and paint samples for different spots in our house—so exciting!


Hallmark Channel nonstop! I love the cheesy Christmas movies this time of year—I’ve almost always got them on in the background, and I even watched one on my flight on Tuesday!

So, tonight, we’re having friends over for a chill Hallmark Movie night, complete with Hallmark Movie Bingo (& drinking game for those who choose to partake).

I just made a list of the things most Hallmark Christmas movies have and then put them in a free bingo card generator, and it’s so fun for a party idea! I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you want to play, just click above to download!

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

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