Happy Hour: Cleaning

Happy Hour

Cheers! Happy weekend—hopefully, here in Minnesota, it will be the last socially distanced one, but who knows. Last weekend, we had some outdoor projects to work on but it ended up being chilly and rainy. No big deal, but we weren’t in the mood for binge watching, since we’d planned on keeping busy. So, Dustin did some work in his basement, and I cleaned the house. 

I know cleaning doesn’t feel the most glamorous or exciting, but after I tidied and vacuumed the upstairs on Saturday, I couldn’t help but feel more affection for our home.

Cleaning my house instantly made me like it better. Maybe it’s the natural result of seeing your space all shined up and ready for you. Or maybe it’s that cleaning your home is really such an act of love.

Really, it’s such a special thing to care for your home and remove the dog hair tumbleweeds. Much like painting, you get to see and experience and touch every corner of your space, and I think it really increases your affinity for it. 

I know we often think of cleaning in the context of other people—ie, tidying up before company arrives—but what if we just did it for the enjoyment we get out of living in a clean space? Or even out of gratitude to our homes for keeping us sheltered and safe and warm?

What do you think? Does cleaning up make you feel closer to your home?

What do you think? Does cleaning up make you feel closer to your home?

Toasting with…we’ve been making this single serving margarita a lot lately, and I think we’re finally getting the proportions right for our taste (I like slightly less agave and a bit more lime). 

Inspired by…

  • Since we’re talking about cleaning, I wanted to share one of my favorite follows lately: @gocleanco on Instagram. She’s got all the tips for cleaning every inch of your house. 
  • This week, I shared how we organized our linen closet and bathroom—if your home could use some tidying, get my best tips here.

Shopping for…

  • I also thought I’d share some of our favorite cleaning products and tools, since we haven’t been doing a lot of shopping lately. 
  • This steam mop is so easy to use and great for picking up dirt with just the power of steam. 
  • We’re pretty serious about vacuums in this house (dog hair is my nemesis). We use this one for spot cleaning & stairs, this one for carpet and whole house cleaning days, and our Roomba runs a few times a week in our living room.
  • A clean sink is my favorite sight to see, but the white farmhouse sink gets dirty fast. This product gets it back to bright white!
  • We’re on a well, and we have iron in our water (although we have a great filter system that helps a lot). These tablets automatically keep our toilet from getting rusty and help clean with every flush.
  • We just got this adorable little dish brush set. (You can get a 5-piece gift set if you sign up through my link.) I know it sounds silly, but it makes me happy to have utilitarian things be pretty, too.
  • When in doubt, this is my go-to cleaning product. Is there anything these things can’t do?
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