Happy Hour: April Favorites!

Happy Hour

Cheers to the weekend! I’m actually not drinking right now as I’m trying a new drug for long covid symptoms, but maybe I’ll enjoy one of these canned “mocktails” we’ve been loving lately.

This weekend, we have a niece’s birthday party and a baby shower, so we will be busier than we have been in a while (and probably taking a break from the nonstop painting I’ve been doing lately). We’re also planning to officially move back into our house, because our primary bedroom is complete! It actually has been for a week or two, but we wanted to wait until the dust (and noise) of new windows had settled before moving back in.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things from April (though I can’t believe how fast this month went by!). Ready? Let’s jump in:

1. Wallpaper

Obviously I loved having our wallpaper finally installed early in the month! I shared more about it here, so you can see each paper we chose and explore a bit of my inspiration and creative process.

2. The Crown Affair Hair Towel

This hair towel really cut down my drying time! I was shocked—I know they all say your hair will dry faster, but truly it does. Plus, it’s cuter in our black and white bathroom than my ratty old Target one.

3. Texture of the Avocado Eye Cream

I’ve been working on my dark circles, and in my hunt for a retinol eye cream, I found this avocado one. The texture of it is so wonderful, it’s sort of whipped and buttery but melts into the skin really nicely. I wish it was a lip mask because I’d love to eat it up (lol!).

4. Minx

Warning for full-frontal male nudity, but I really enjoyed this feminist 70s show on HBO. Dustin and my mom were more medium on it, but I really enjoyed it. The costuming and interiors are so beautiful and inspiring, and I found it so funny and engaging.

5. Bananas with Cookie Butter

I can’t have nuts (they make me sick), but bananas with peanut butter used to be one of my favorite things. I’ve been subbing in Biscoff cookie butter and, while it’s certainly a treat, it’s scratching that itch.

Shopping for…

  • Loft has an incredible collection of lemon clothing right now! I picked up this dress, but I’m eyeing this headband while it’s on sale.
  • I ordered this outlet cover/extender situation that is great for making your plugs look sleeker, pushing furniture up against the wall, etc. I really love this idea, and I’ll share more on Instagram once I plug it in.
  • Ordered Corey Damen Jenkins’ book after watching his Masterclass. A little traditional for my taste but I’m always down for maximalism in any form.

Inspired By…

Have a great weekend!

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