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As we covered yesterday, we just got brand new plaid carpet in the upstairs of our home: the stairs, a hallway, and two bedrooms. And, while you already know about my plans for the guest bedroom, today I wanted to share a peek at the other room that’s getting the plaid carpet treatment: our home gym.

Creating a Home Gym

Adjacent to our guest bedroom, there’s another bedroom that is a spare space for us. Someday, if we ever have kids, it will probably be a kids room, but that’s not happening any time soon. So, instead, we’re creating a home gym.

Before the pandemic, we preferred working out outside of the house—Dustin at the gym and me at the Bar Method studio. But once we were stuck at home and my beloved bar studio had to close permanently, we slowly started working out at home. And, while we may go back to some in-person workouts someday, it’s honestly so convenient to work out at home that we wanted to have a designated place for it. Thus, the home gym idea was born.

Since the new carpet was coming, we had solid motivation to get the things we’d been storing in here out and to get paint on the walls, so it was time to come up with a plan for the home gym.

Once we decided to go for it, I saw Orlando Soria’s home gym and absolutely loved the idea of making our workout space colorful and inspiring, bringing the energy we need for our home workouts.

The key to energizing home gym decor? The paint. Once I started looking, I found so many good paint schemes for home gyms: bright colors, fun patterns, murals, and more!

Today, I’m sharing some home gym paint ideas we found inspiring, and, with the new carpet going in, we’re planning to have this space wrapped and ready for a reveal very soon!

(Psst—scroll for a sneak peek of our home gym space at the end of this post!)

Colorful Home Gym Inspiration

As I mentioned, my first home gym inspiration came from this reveal from Orlando Soria. I really love this giant pink arch, and you can see the reflection of other fun painted shapes on the walls across from it. I feel like the fun shapes and color really balance out the utilitarian (read: boring) necessities for a home gym, like the floor mat, weights, and other equipment.

I was intending on going lighter on the walls until I saw this beautiful home gym from Sunny Circle Studio. First of all, that wood floor, actual furniture bench, and frame TV keep this space super chic. And the Hague Blue walls help ramp up the class as well. Plus, I love the box trim framing the TV and mirrors—the interaction between the utilitarian and the decorative, again.

Okay, this shot is less about the paint (although count me in for a planked wall in the gym). How incredible is the balance between these shelves of weights and plants? I just love the idea of bringing the styling elements we’d see in other rooms to the home gym. Smart!

This is actually a multipurpose space (office, guest room, gym), but I spent such a long time studying the reveal post that I had to share it here, too. I love the way the frame TV hides among the gallery wall. I love those chic hooks for workout equipment. And, I really love that dark paint color—nice!

Home Gym Paint Ideas

Ready to see a quick peek of how all of this inspiration united in my mind? Here’s how our home gym is coming together so far:

The key to energizing home gym decor? Paint. Once I started looking, I found so many good home gym paint ideas: colors, patterns, murals, and more!

Are you seeing my vision? Don’t worry—we’re just working on a few final touches before we can reveal this space. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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