Do You Stress About “Perfect” Design?


Recently, I joined some home decor/design facebook groups to see what people are chatting about and to find new ideas.

And I have to say, I’m floored by the number of posts from members that share their plans and then ask “but will that be too dark?” or “is that too much pattern?” or “do you think this backsplash will work?”

I completely understand where they’re coming from. After all, in our first home, I was so anxious about choosing the perfect finishes that I hired a designer who basically just confirmed every design decision I made. (Money very poorly spent…)

Perfect Interior Design

I’m not sure if it’s all the perfect styling we see on Instagram and Pinterest, or the cost associated with design decisions, or the hopes of having a room feel magazine perfect, but we all seem fixated on perfect designs.

Will this work?

Will it be too dark?

Is this backsplash too busy?

Well, it depends, doesn’t it? Do you love dark rooms or busy patterns? Then it will probably be perfect for you!

Are you drawn to it even though it might not be the choice Shea McGee would make? Cool! Go for it!

I think it’s easy to discount your ideas and get stressed about big, permanent decisions. But the reality is that this is your house and usually, if you end up not liking something, that mistake can be rectified. Chances are, though, it’s going to be amazing because you like it.

And I for one would rather live in a house full of things I love than a magazine-perfect space.

Does that mean nobody should ever hire a decorator? Of course not—sometimes you truly don’t want to figure out an overall concept for a space, some people just don’t care that much but want their home to be nice, and someone might just prefer having someone to edit ideas for them so they can make decisions more easily.

I’m talking more about scenarios in which you’ve found something and you love it, but you get paralyzed by the fear of perfection.

What if you could be a little less perfect and a little more playful?

Playing with Home Decor

All of those safe choices you’re so tempted to make? They’re going to make the room a snoozefest.

If you want a room of neutrals, that can be a statement in its own way, of course.

But, if you’re tempted by a fun pattern but afraid it will be a passing trend or “too much,” please resist the urge to go with a safe choice instead!

Choose the things that speak to you, even if it’s more colorful than the rooms you see on blogs. Even if it’s two fun patterns close together. Even if you’re not 100% sure it will work. 

Sure, there’s a chance it might not work—but, chances are, if you’re drawn to it and you like it and you think it will look good…you’re right. Even if it’s not something anyone else would have done, it will still be perfectly you!

It’s okay to play and swap things and try new things—in fact, that’s fun! It’s what will make your home your own.

Injecting Your Story in Your Home

Layered spaces, complete with quirky art, family photos, drawings from child artists, special souvenirs, and all sorts of other personal items, are beautiful.

They feel lived in and loved and they make guests feel cozy and comfortable.

Please stop buying generic art at Target and start printing family photos. Please stop buying something to fill space instead of saving up for the piece that calls to you. Please stop hiding away your collections and souvenirs in favor of generic styling objects. 

And on the flip side, remember: those designer houses don’t really look like that either—they’re styled for the photos! In reality, there are kid’s toys and sentimental items and paper towels. Just like in your house.

That’s not a bad thing, though! When I walk into your home, I want to see you.

Start playing and exploring and dare I say it having fun. If you’ve been looking for it, here’s your permission to play.

Permission to Play

I hope that’s what this blog can become for you, if it isn’t already: a place for fun ideas, experimenting, pattern mixing, and playfulness. Don’t take it too seriously—your home is a living document, and you are allowed to treat it as such.

Do you stress about “perfect” design? Tell me how you deal with it in the comments!

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