Container Store Dupes and Budget-Friendly Swaps


As I was working on some recent organization projects, I found that a lot of the popular items from the Get Organized show on Netflix were sold out or backordered. You know the ones—the clear bins, the egg trays, the drawer organizers. In some cases the shipping estimate was up to 21 days!

So, I started shopping around to see if I could find what I wanted right away.

I realized two things: The Container Store does not have a monopoly on clear plastic bins, and they also charge a lot more than other places!

In the interest of timing and money savings, I grabbed some of these Container Store dupes.

Click here to see how I used these organizing tools to get my pantry and fridge in order!

Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t shop at The Container Store. If you see here, I used Container Store products, too! Some of them were just in stock when I looked, and others were better dimensions for my purposes.

It’s called balance, people.

But if you’re in the mood to save a little cash and get your items this month, keep on reading. Today I’ve got the best Container Store Dupes that are totally worthy of a place among your Home Edit bins.

Container Store Dupes!

Did you watch Get Organized on Netflix, only to realize that all of those bins were out of stock? These Container Store dupes allow you to get the Home Edit look right now—and for a lot less money!

Sources for these storage containers and dupes:

Wine Bottle Holder: Stackable Single Wine Bottle Holder from The Container Store | Stackable Wine Bottle Holder Dupe (set of 2) (save $1 each)

Egg Container: Container Store Egg Holder | Dupe Egg Holder (save $7)

Clear Pantry Bins: Clear Pantry Bin from The Container Store (different sizes available) | Dupe 2 Pack Clear Bins with Handles (different sizes available) (save $1 each on bins pictured; more savings on other sizes) Lazy Susans: Container Store Divided Turntable | Dupe Lazy Susan 2 Pack (not divided) (save $6) | Small Clear Lazy Susan from The Container Store | Dupe Small Lazy Susan (2 Pack) (save $9 each)

Fridge Bins: Container Store Deep Fridge Bins |Dupe Deep Fridge Bins (set of 5 with egg holder) (save $10 each)

Drawer Organizers: Expandable Acacia Drawer Organizer from The Container Store | Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer Dupe (save $24!)

What do you think? Are you a Container Store loyalist or are you going to check out some of these dupes?

PS: Want more organization tools? I shared the best pantry canisters here and some great blanket baskets here.

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