Choosing the Paint Color for Our Bedroom


I can’t believe we’re finally getting to the point where we’re thinking about our bedroom! If you don’t know, we moved into our new house on November 15th and actually haven’t ever slept in our main bedroom because we planned on beginning our bathroom remodel right away, and knew that all of the construction would be a huge mess in that space.

So, it’s just been sitting there, empty except for our bed and mattress (covered in plastic). But, since we’re so close to being done with the bathroom, it’s time to get this bedroom in order, too. Which means it’s almost time to paint!

In other rooms, I’ve started with a Mood Board (see some here, here, and here), but in this room, I really want to live in it before we make a lot of final decisions.

That said, I have ordered some new bedding (a deal I made when Dustin got a new bed cover for his truck was that I got some new “bed coverings” as well), and even a rug because the construction scratched up some parts of the wood floors—oops!

But overall, I want to be in the room and see how we live in it before deciding about new nightstands, a dresser, or whether we need a chair or two in here.

It’s going to be an evolving project, but there is one thing I know for sure: the paint color.

Picking a Bedroom Paint Color

Let me start by saying that I personally love dark colors in the bedroom. In our last house, I put a deep grey on the walls of our bedroom and loved it. I think it leads to better sleep to have those dark walls enveloping you.

We really are the type of people that only sleep in our bedroom. I hate watching TV in bed so we’ve never had a TV in our room, and besides a little reading to wind down before bed, I’d rather snuggle up with a book somewhere where I have more back support.

This might change slightly if we decide to put some chairs in here, but the point is that I am perfectly willing to make this space a sleeping cave if it means getting good rest.

So, months ago, I started looking at dark bedroom inspiration and one thing kept coming up again and again: navy blue. And then, once you see it, you see it everywhere. I saw Emily Henderson use it, Sarah Richardson had a navy room in her new book, and moody navy rooms have been all over my Instagram.

Not only that, but every time I could figure out the actual shade used, it was the same: Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue.

So, I was sold! It seemed like, at this point, the color picked me.

Maybe it just means it’s trendy, but I really love all of the inspiration images I’ve found of it, so I’m saying it picked me. Anyway, of course I can’t let you go without showing what I’m talking about:

It plays beautifully with gold accents, which of course is ideal for me. And shades of blush and mustard also play nice and fit right into our home’s color story, but I’m keeping everything neutral for now to let this shade be the star. Then, I can always add in a pillow or a blanket in mustard to really make it pop if I want to.

I ordered a sample but I think I’m actually going to have the paint color matched at Lowe’s because Farrow and Ball paint is a special order in my area and, honestly, it’s pricey paint. Has anyone used F&B and seen a real quality difference? Please let me know!

The decision that was made for me: Hague Blue walls. What do you think of a navy blue bedroom? Tell me in the comments!

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