Black and White Bathroom: Mood Board & Inspiration


If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen that we spent the weekend knocking down walls. It was demo day(s) for our master bathroom and closet!

It’s so exciting to finally get into the walls, because we’ve been waiting to truly make plans for our new bathroom until we see what’s in the walls and how much space we’re really working with.

Now that we’re in, I thought it would be a good time to share my inspiration and mood board for our master bathroom. As I looked through my Pinterest (if you want a sneak peak of what I’m thinking for any room, look there), I realized that a very clear vision was coming together: black and white. 

Black and White Master Bathroom

While I know I’m going to infuse color into the powder bathroom, I think that black and white will be such a versatile color scheme for the master bath.

I’ll be able to liven it up with color if I want to, or ground it with natural colors and textures. The linens will really be able to make a huge difference in such a neutral space. 

Here’s a quick roundup of the inspiration I found for my black and white master bathroom:

Sources: The Design Chaser | Carpendaughter | M & M Lighting | Hunker Home | Magnolia

Plus, while I’m not renovating for resale, it will probably be pretty approachable if/when we someday move.

My hope is that some wood accents will keep the space from feeling completely stark, so we’re shopping for a wood vanity. I already ordered this teak bath mat, and I might be ordering this wood towel bar soon.

And here are a few more selections, all put together so I can get a sense of how things will play together:

Black and white is such a versatile color scheme—you can liven it up with bright towels, or ground it with natural colors and textures. That's why it's perfect for a modern farmhouse master bathroom.

Sources: Teak Towel Rack | Turkish Towels | Freestanding Tub | Teak Bath Mat | White Subway Tile | Black Tub Filler | Black Hex Tile | Bowtie Sconces | Black Frame Mirror | Black 8 in Spread Faucets | Wood Vanity (Concrete Top Sold Separately)

Dreamy, right?

The floor plan is still coming together, but I really want to make a freestanding tub work and share space with the shower.

We are 100% sold on black tile on the floor and white on the wall in the shower. I’m debating if all 3 shower walls should be white or if one should carry the black from the floor up the wall—what do you think?

I’d love to know your thoughts on all of this inspiration. Let me know what you think over on this Instagram post.

Hungry for more inspiration? Check out our pantry mood board here.

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