Baby Steps in Our (New) Entryway


As I mentioned in our home tour post, one of the major issues we saw with our house when we first walked through it was the location of the front door.

First, even though it faces the street, it doesn’t make the most sense once you actually pull into the driveway. Second, it causes the living room to become a walkthrough space, which forces you to arrange furniture weirdly, like a hallway, and somewhat eliminates a true dining space.

The solution we came up with was to turn our side door (the french doors that lead out to our deck) into our front door and completely eliminate our front door.

While that front door is still kicking (it’s winter in Minnesota), we have tried to start using the french doors as our front door. But, since they open right between our kitchen and living space, we have to keep in mind the multiple functions of this entryway.

Defining Entryway Space

I think the key to a pretty, functional entryway is to define the space. Whether you have a formal foyer or just a little wall, you can consider the message of your entry space.

We like our entry to say “kick off your shoes and stay awhile,” and nothing says that more to me than a bench. I’m still shopping for the perfect one since the space we’re calling “entryway” is small, but I’m thinking of a leather one like this.

(It will go where Lia’s dog bed is now, and we’ll relocate her to the living room.)

It’s just practical—nobody likes that awkward standing-while-kicking-off-shoes hunch.

The other ingredients of a great entryway? A place for coats and a mirror. And I’m happy to report that those two things went up this weekend!

Check it out:

Two ingredients of a great entryway? A place for coats and a mirror. And I'm happy to report that those two things went up this weekend!

I know it’s not much, but this post is about baby steps!

This coat hook is from Ikea (also comes in white), but here’s a similar version that I also love. I love how linear and Scandinavian it looks.

Initially, my plan was to DIY some kind of hook system that looked like art and incorporated a mirror. That might still happen down the line, but this coat rack was cheaper than anything I could have built, so we decided to go with it, at least for now.

That mirror may also get swapped out sometime (I’m not sure how the black up top will play with a brown leather bench), but for now it’s a great option because it was free (!).

We had this mirror already from the City House—it’s actually one that we took down in the powder bathroom there. I’m glad we kept it, though, because it makes a great statement on this wall now.

Here’s a similar one on Wayfair.

In the future, I’m envisioning an arch mirror with a shelf, like this one, but I’m open to changing my mind.

For now, I love how much this space is feeling like an entryway.

What do you think? What says “welcome” to you?

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