AirBnB Design Inspiration: A Midcentury Modern Home in Palm Springs


If you’re at all into midcentury modern design, when it comes to inspiration, Palm Springs is basically mecca—a treasure trove of architectural delights and interior ideas. And Modernism Week is basically Christmas. So when my mom invited me to go with her for the second year in a row (and bring Dustin!), of course I jumped at the chance.

Even better, though, was the beautiful home we stayed in while we were there. I’ve been DYING to share it because it was so full of inspiration. Even if you’re not 100% on board with Mid Century Modern, I hope you can get something out of a peek at it.

The house that we stayed in was the Frey-Steinmeyer House from Acme House Co.

Designed in 1964, this is truly an iconic Palm Springs midcentury modern home and we were so lucky to stay there. Click to see some of my favorite angles of this home.

It was designed in 1964 by the famous Palm Springs starchitect Albert Frey, and still features some amazing midcentury modern original features like the massive glass doors with acrylic handles. It’s truly an iconic Palm Springs home and we were so lucky to stay there. 

Scroll on to see my favorite angles of the home.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

More than any other city I’ve ever been to, Palm Springs is all about the pool. Almost every home here is centered around the pool, and the hotels and resorts certainly are. Let’s face it—it is necessary when it’s 120 degrees in the summer.

Palm Springs is all about indoor/outdoor living, and the Frey House was a perfect example of this.

How lovely is this yellow living room? We were so lucky to stay in such an inspiring midcentury home while we visited Palm Springs. Click to see some of my favorite angles of this home.
We found so much interior design inspiration in this iconic midcentury modern Palm Springs vacation rental home, like this stunning yellow couch and arch lamp.  Click to see more angles of this beauty.

With these giant sliding glass doors, you get to enjoy the view and the pool right from the couch. And for a cocktail party, you just slide them open and everyone can enjoy a cocktail by the pool (or jump in after a few cocktails!).

Every angle of this iconic midcentury modern Palm Springs home provided new inspiration—especially the indoor/outdoor design. Click to see more of this vacation rental home.

(By the way, if you missed it, we all decided on Instagram that we’re buying yellow couches now.)

The Bedrooms

This is a two beautiful bedroom home, and while the star is obviously the main living space, I thought I’d give you a peek into the sleeping spaces.

The room that we stayed in had lots of touches of pink. I loved the pugs not drugs pillow (especially since we had Lia with us!) and this car photo gave just the right reminder that you’re in a midcentury modern house.

This midcentury modern home in Palm Springs was such a beautiful, inspiring vacation rental home. Click to see more angles of this beauty!

The other bedroom was the glamour room! These geometric pillows on the white bedding gives some life while still giving you that clean, fresh, hotel room feeling.

The geometric pillows and metallic accents in this bedroom in a midcentury modern masterpiece home were so inspiring—and you could stay here, too since it's a vacation rental home! Click to see more inspiring interiors (and a budget-friendly dupe for this gold shaded lamp!).

By the way, how good is this lamp with the gold shade? It reminds me of this budget-friendly option that I’ve had my eye on forever.

Do We All Need an Eames Chair?

How much do we love an Eames chair, team? Click to see this baby and even more inspiring interiors in this Palm Springs vacation rental home.

Just a question.

The Frey-Steinmeyer House Was So Dreamy! 

That about sums it up, huh??

Pops of yellow in this midcentury modern living room in Palm Springs were so bright and cheery! Click to see even more inspiration in this vacation rental home.

Just as a quick note, the location was unparalleled. We walked to Modernism CAMP, we walked to Starbucks, we walked to the Art Museum. As a former city dweller, I was so grateful for the opportunity to get some steps in. This house is so centrally located, it’s bonkers! 

Tell me on this Instagram post what you think of this house—would you want to stay here?!

Want more modernism week inspiration? I’ve got a roundup coming next week, but yesterday I shared some of the best inspiration from the Vintage Trailer Show.

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