17 Sculptural Table Lamps That Double as Art


As we’ve been slowly (I know, I’m sorry!) working on the final touches for our bathroom and bedroom, I’ve been doing what any sane person would do: planning for the next thing!

And, as we’ve discussed finishing our dining room, I can’t help but feel that it needs something a little quirky, a little funky, a little fresh. The element I can’t stop thinking of? A table lamp to go on our console.

Every room needs a few sources of light, and we’ll definitely have an overhead and probably a sconce. So, a fun, quirky table lamp can provide a bit of light, but we don’t need it to do much heavy lifting—the perfect scenario for a sculptural table lamp.

As usual, my obsessive shopping is your gain. Today, I’m sharing a whole bunch of sculptural table lamps I’ve been eyeing. Not only can they brighten a corner, but they double as art, a conversation piece, and something beautiful to look at—win, win, win!

Ready? Let’s shop!

Sculptural Table Lamps with Statement-Making Shapes

Sculptural table lamps: Not only can they brighten a corner, but they work as art, a conversation piece, and something beautiful to look at.

Sources: Egg Shaped Mod Table Lamp | Leaning Leather Base Table Lamp | Marble Base Lamp with Flat Shade | Mod Globe Table Lamp with Black Circle | Beehive Accent Lamp | Black Tree Base Globe Lamp (under $100!) | Flying Saucer Lamp | Antique Brass Tube Sculptural Lamp | Oval Floating Globe Lamp (under $100!) | Tilted Marble Base Table Lamp | Color Blocked Glass Lamp | Swirl Glass Mushroom Lamp (under $100!) | Ceramic Arch Base Table Lamp | Squiggle Metal Base Table Lamp | Globe Lamp with Terrazzo Base | Milk Glass Table Lamp | Dual Floating Globe Table Lamp

Lamp or Art?

In the globe category, we have a few options: I love this one with the black circle sort of leaning on the gold bar—such a cool look, and budget-friendly at just about $100! If you want a taller shape, this one and this one are very similar, with globes floating in a larger shape.

This one really showcases the globe in the center (and we all love terrazzo), and this one has the globe perched like a bud on a branch. Can’t go wrong with any of them!

Globes aren’t the only fun glass shape we get here, though! This colored milk glass lamp has such a fun, vintage-style vibe and is available in 3 different colors. I also love this beehive shape and this cool mushroom swirl lamp.

My top contender for our dining room might just be this color block lamp, though—it feels so fresh!

If you’re still dreaming of arches after last week’s roundup, this lamp is for you. More of a squiggle lover? I’ve got you covered, too! Of course, this might be my favorite of the list—that shade! The stone! *chef’s kiss*

Tell me in the comments: which one is your favorite? Can you see any of them hanging out on your nightstand or console table?

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