Happy Hour: When did pink get such a good publicist?

Happy Hour

Cheers from San Jose! I’m writing from the beginning of our 5-week trip to California and Arizona, and the warm up was JUST what I needed.

The key to making pink look grown up? Pair it with black and white and exercise restraint.

We started with a week in Palm Springs, where we attended Modernism Week (inspiration round up coming soon!) and then relaxed for a couple of days at the gorgeous Sands hotel.

Designed by Martin Lawrence Bullard, the Sands hotel is a love letter to the color pink. The restaurant is called The Pink Cabana for goodness sake! And yet, despite the abundant affection for pink, the property exhibited such restraint.

Upon reflection, we’d seen a few non-saccharine blush accents at Modernism Week, and really all over the place lately.

This week, I'm exploring pink after seeing so many grown-up, fresh feeling blush accents in Palm Springs. Pink, who is your publicist?

It was pink gone grown-up, and it made me start thinking about this color, especially in the wake of going pink with the ceiling in my office.

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