Happy Hour: Project Progress Update

Decorating, Happy Hour, Renovation

How are you doing? I know it’s a crazy time for all of us, but, for whatever reason, I’ve felt a lot more sane this week than I have in the past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s just getting home and back into a routine, or maybe it’s because we’re refocusing from the projects we can’t get done right now to those we actually can take on.

Either way, for my own sanity and yours, I wanted to share a quick run down of the updates we’re working on, where the progress is at, and what you can look forward to seeing more of.

This week, we’re going to do happy hour just a little differently. I’ll save up my inspiration and shopping ideas for next week, and instead share a quick progress update on the various areas of our home we’ve taken on.

It’s a good old fashioned project round up!

Of course, we’ll still start with a toast!

Toasting with…what’s your quarantini? So far, mine have been aperol spritzes or old fashioneds minus the fruit (since we don’t have cherries or oranges). For the old fashioned, I just put a sugar cube in a glass with a few dashes of bitters and muddle. Then I add some oversized ice cubes (I like 2) and top with my favorite bourbon. Cheers! 

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