Happy Hour: The Easy Bourbon Cocktail We Can’t Stop Making

Happy Hour

Cheers to the weekend!

It’s been so nice to finally be wrapping some things up in our home after having Covid-19 for months, taking a break from work and this blog, and generally working slowly. This week, we finally revealed our primary bath (!!!).

It feels so good to be able to call a room done—although we’ve been using it for months, there’s been little tasks we still have to do. But no more! Any additions from here on out are decorative—and not, like, caulk. (Okay, a little bit of caulk.)

While we have a lot on our to-do list in the rest of our house, it’s a lot of exciting things (ahem, not drywall), so I can’t wait to dive into them, and to start adding a lot more function (and storage!) to our house.

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