Design Trend (P)update:”Barkitecture” and Interior Design for Dogs


I know, I know, trends pieces are supposed to come up around the new year and then die down, but here I am breaking all the rules to share an important design trend you need to be aware of: barkitecture.

That’s right, interior design is no longer just for humans! Our four-legged fuzzy family members are getting in on the action and enjoying the benefits of interior design and architecture!

Today, I’m giving you a little rundown of what this trend is all about, how we’re working it into our home design, and how to get it for your own home. Ready to see some fun design for the dogs? Let’s jump in.

What is Barkitecture?

I actually first heard the term “Barkitecture” from Pinterest. Pinterest for business does an annual prediction of trends based on the search terms that are increasing in popularity—and, this year, they had a whole section based on Barkitecture.

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