Painted Pantry Inspiration for Our New Pantry Update


Only slightly over 3 years since I last shared inspiration for a pantry update, and here we are again! As much as we loved the way our farmhouse pantry remodel turned out 3 years ago, we are doing it all again to get much more functional storage. Not to mention, our style has evolved a bit as well—and, this time, we’re going with a painted pantry!

The room that is our current pantry is deep and narrow. While we worked hard to make it work well for us, as we were making so many massive changes around the house, a realization hit us: we can do better!

It is so interesting the way your mindset changes over time and as you take on larger and larger projects. When we first moved in, we didn’t have the vision to move our pantry. But, once we got to work doing a lot of renovating, we realized our mudroom area would serve us much better as a pantry. It is a wider and not as deep space, essentially the size of a normal closet.

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