Are Gardening Fantasies Inevitable During a Pandemic or Do I Really Want to Plant Things?

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I’m not sure when it happened, or even how, but I’ve recently become quite the gardener—in my head.

It might be because I’ve been stuck at home for nearly a year now, or maybe it’s because it’s winter now and I’m missing the opportunity to be outside. Or maybe I’m just ready to take advantage of having some more space.

In any case, I’ve found myself seeking out garden inspiration, and even reading gardening books.

It’s been a whole thing. I imagine planting luscious beds, having flowers in vases and fresh herbs, eating salads I grew, throwing garden parties, wearing flower crowns. And, lest the fantasizing grow old, I’ve actually ordered some seeds so some of this may actually come to fruition.

Apparently, I’m not alone. According to Architectural Digest, “The pandemic has reinforced the idea that horticulture is therapy.” And, well, I guess we could all use some therapy right now.

If you, too, are having twee garden fantasies after being stuck at your house for a year, please allow me to entertain you with a range of inspiring images.

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