Yes, the Laundry Room Gets a Mood Board, Too!

Mood Board

I’ve been sharing so many mood boards lately, and it’s great to get my ideas out of my head and into the world—especially as they take shape in real life! Recently, I shared the Mood Board and plans for the powder bathroom, and today I’m sharing plans for the room that attaches to that one: the laundry room!

It’s so easy for the laundry room to become an afterthought, and certainly I’m not going to devote a ton of time or money here, but it would be nice if this space was still beautiful and functional.

We already have the wallpaper and flooring taken care of in here, but realistically, I think we’re going to hang out at a Phase 1 for a little while before finishing every single little thing…I’m not sure what the timeline in here is, because it’s not as much of a priority as other spaces. We will see!

Nonetheless, who doesn’t love a Mood Board? So, I’m sharing one today! Just keep in mind that it is—of course—subject to change!

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