Body Positive Home Decor: Boobs, Butts, and Nudes for Your Home (ORC Week 3)


Trigger warning: this post will discuss bodies. While the context is love and not weight loss, I get that body talk can be tough, so please feel free to skip this one if that’s best for you!

As you might know by now, I’ve taken on the One Room Challenge in our Guest Bedroom. That means I’m fixing up the whole room in 8 weeks. I’d been hoping to be done painting by now, but…stay tuned for a paint update next week (lol).

That said, I have to share a sneak peek because an accessory arrived for my space, and, well, I’m obsessed.

No, we can't buy body positivity—that's a long and personal journey we each have to navigate. But, when we bring a beautiful depiction of a female body into our home, perhaps it can be a reminder of the beauty in our own form.
Peep the paint sample, too!

It’s a beautiful (bootyful!) vase shaped like a woman’s lower half. If you will recall from this post, the inspiration for our guest bedroom is The Duchess, a series on Netflix in which Katherine Ryan plays a potter, and she makes vases in the shape of the female body. So, of course, this vase was a needed addition to this room.

But once it arrived and I loved it so much, it also felt so much more liberating than just an object. After all, this vase is nothing less than a celebration of the female form.

And, in a season when so many of us feel pressured to lose the “quarantine 15” (GROSS) or get our “bikini bodies” ready (EYE ROLL), it feels sort of radical to celebrate our bodies. As Aubrey Gordon writes in this article,

“In the grand scheme of what we have weathered in the last year, weight gain simply couldn’t be less important. These bodies have helped us survive.”

“Whatever your body looks like now, it is a body that has carried you through a time of tremendous tragedy, now to a point where we might finally be able to see glimmers of hope from the other side. And that matters so much more than weight gain ever could.”

I recommend reading the whole post.

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